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Learning how to street fight with the skill and confidence of a sesoned fighter is something that can certainly be achieved. As a matter of fact, I have dedicated my entire live to teaching law abiding people how to defend and protect themselves in the streets. However, I have to tell you from the start that it's not such and easy task; it will require a bit of dedication on your part. But, if you are willing to do some serious studying as well as some practical self-defense training you could learn the skills necessary to win a street fight.

Before we begin, you must understand the information in this article is just a small fraction of what you need to know about winning a street fight. I strongly encourage you to take your research further and read the many books featured on this website. Having said that, lets talk about street fighting and what it takes to win.


First off, let me clarify that learning how to street fight is not the same as studying mixed martial arts or a practicing a formal style of traditional martial arts. Street fighting is an animal with proteon behavior that often has deadly consequences for the participants.

The truth is, a street fight also has many different faces and takes on many different forms. One minute it can be a fist fight in a trendy yuppie bar while the the next could be a deadly knife fight in a godforsaken part of town. As the saying goes, no two street fights are ever the same! So your training will have to be "alive" and combat diversified!

In many of my self-defense dvds, I have defined a street fight as a spontaneous and violent confrontation between two or more individuals where no rules will apply. A real street fight is not about the boxing ring, rules and regulations or any combat sports competition. It's about protecting yourself and your loved ones from serious bodily injury and possibly death.


The more you know about the dynamics and characteristics of street fighting, the greater you chances surviving and ultimately winning the fight. There is an old saying in my self defense school, "the more you know, the less you will fear in the streets". To help get you started on your academic journey, here are some important facts about the nature and characteristics of street fighting.

A real street fight is fast and explosive, similar to a car wreck.
Street fighting is unpredictable and spontaneous.
A real street fight is bloody, ugly and brutal.
Street fighting is extremely dangerous and can often lead to death.
A real street fight usually turns into a ground fight.
Most street fighters will target you face and head, also known as "head hunting".
Kicking techniques are seldom used in a real fight.
Compound hand strikes are the most attacks common method of attack.
There are no rules in a real street fight which means it is almost always unfair for one of the participants.
Spectators enjoy watching a street fight and they often get involved for the hell of it.
In order to win a street fight there are several elements you must posses and ultimately master. The more attention and training you devote to these elements, the greater your chances of winning. In other words, the more you put into street fighting training, the more you will get out of it.
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