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 Tapioca Game 1.1.0


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Have you ever heard a game like this? No, no. (Local talks)

Two people blow tapioca with one straw in their mouth.

Blow tapioca (a little dangerous) into the opponent's mouth and you will win.

By pressing the correct button among the four buttons, you can blow tapioca toward your opponent.

Press the correct answer button more accurately and quickly than your opponent and let the tapioca bite into the opponent's mouth!


Play against a CPU opponent in single player.

If you beat the opponent, the rank equivalent to the opponent's rank will be recognized, and the next opponent will appear.

The face of the opponents is very similar, but their skills are far different.
In the later stages the opponents are quite tough.

Use various techniques to improve your skills and rank.

Let's aim for the highest rank, tapioca master by winning the rank match to the end!


In this mode, two players face each other using one gadget to operate and play.

A single match determines the outcome.

In this game, beginners and advanced players will have a skill gap, so let's train yourself and improve your skills and play against the battle!

■ Hint
Blow tapioca down to the opposite red line of your opponent's straw to win.

If correct answers continue, it becomes a combo and WIN METER rises. (If you make a mistake, WIN METER will be greatly reduced)
When this WIN METER is full, you win unconditionally.

The order in which the correct buttons appear is random each time, but the order in which you and your opponent appear is exactly the same. (completely fair)

The random order is predetermined before the start.

Sequences of the random order vary from short to long.

In rare cases, it can be a very simple sequence, so it is a chance to hit repeatedly.

In rare cases, a red x5 chance button will appear, but when you press this button, you will be able to blow your opponent with 5 times the power of normal.
Don't miss the chance button surely.

The character in the DEATH GAME has the same skill no matter which character you use.

■ Technique

As a strategy, you can hit speedy in a row, or slowly and surely.
It is a good idea to change the strategy according to the skill of the opponent in DEATH GAME or SOLO PLAY.

The formula for winning is to find out the order of the sequence (the order in which the buttons are pressed).

It may be advantageous to operate the buttons with one finger, two fingers, or even four fingers.
Establish a style that suits you and improve your skills.
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