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Take your regular long and boring route, be it a trip to the Grandma’s, or to the summer cottage, for example. You’ve traveled it a gazillion times. Possibly with kids suffering from severe boredom and/or arguing.

Now turn such boring long car rides into engaging trips through time, filled with educational and scientific facts. And discussions.

Fire up the Original Time Machine, set the destination, choose a story, and enjoy the journey right through the time.

You can ride through the history of the Universe, starting with the Big Bang and traveling through its history EXACTLY as your journey advances. Here a star lights up. There a galaxy forms. Now, just at the corner of that familiar diner or gas station, our home planet Earth is born. Soon the life emerges on Earth. A blip in time—dinosaurs appear and vanish. And exactly as you reach your destination, you arrive safely back in the present.

Or start with the formation of Earth, to have a closer look at its history. Survive the Late Heavy Bombardment. See how long it takes for the oceans to form on Earth. How the continents form and fall apart. When does the life emerge? Where do animals appear? Drive through Hadean, Proterozoic, Jurassic and all other eons and ages. See dinosaurs emerge and vanish. And just a little before you reach your destination, Homo sapiens finally appears.

Or, you can travel the story of Homo sapiens. You start with the appearance of our species, drive through all our advances and setbacks, be on verge of the extinction, see the invention of art, meet Neanderthals and Denisovans, colonize the Americas, take part in the Agricultural Revolution. A meter before your destination, you see mankind reaching into space. And then you safely arrive in present.

All stories are always calibrated to your exact route, no matter which route you take (we suggest 1-3 hour trips, 2 hours optimal). Experience the scale of the events, feel the actual distance in time between the events. Get some new knowledge. Discuss science. Converse on interesting topics. Be prepared to regularly answer your kids’ questions with “well, let’s look it up later”.

And see how the usual boring route turns into educational trip. And, as a side effect—make the time fly.

The voice in app works via Text-to-Speech engine. You can adjust its speed or turn it off altogether and just follow the text on the screen (please do not do so while driving). Currently the app comes loaded with stories in English, Estonian, and Russian.

We are eager to get your feedback and aim to bring more stories in more languages in the future.

(tags to find us: astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, evolution, geology, history, paleontology, sapiens, universe)
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