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Managing money is tricky. Knowing your account balances and checking how much you spent on restaurants last month are good habits. But it's your spending right now, and sticking to a specific number regularly that's the key to achieving all of your money goals.

Can you track your spending every week?

The 1 Number Challenge gives you a single number to focus on, one amount of money, that you can spend every week. The way to win is to add expenses to Tiniio each time you spend to know exactly what you have left and not go over your 1 Number. Lose track, overspend, and go over your 1 Number... you lose. Spending resets every Friday to keep you on track. Sound hard?

It's easy with Tiniio. The 1 Number Challenge has only three rules to help you spend consciously:

Organize all of your expenses into four groups, then focus on just one of them. Spending includes all of the expenses that add up to your 1 Number Challenge.

Know exactly what you can spend at every moment by adding expenses to the Spending journal. Cash envelopes guide your decisions and keep you on track to beat the 1 Number Challenge.

Rule No. 3 - PLAN AHEAD
Hardest part about the 1 Number Challenge? Impulse, upcoming, and surprise expenses. Use the To-Buy List to fit them perfectly into your weekly spending and win the 1 Number Challenge every week.

When Tiniio resets every Friday we'll ask how you did. How many weeks can you win?

The 1 Number Challenge is a budgeting method that helps you focus on what counts: the variable expenses you personally spend every day. Expenses like rent, loans, and utilities need to be managed, but they don't need constant attention, add them to Main. Holidays, special events, irregular, and emergency expenses should be set aside in Reserve. Tiniio calculates Savings automatically. Once you lock down or automate all of your other expenses, just focus on Spending.

Learn more about the 1 Number Challenge on tiniio.com

Also, winning with money is about people, plans, celebrating goals, and sharing moments. So, we've built social features for couples to win together, for friends and family to plan together.

Couples can share access to track and coordinate expenses to win together, or you can compete with Friends to see who can win the 1 Number Challenge the most weeks in a row.

Sometimes you don't want to forget about the money you spent. Add a picture gallery to any transaction and keep notes as well. Also remember things and moments that weren't about money spent, just add the item as Priceless.

New accounts start by adding income and a few cash envelopes, then Tiniio sets up the rest for you to fine-tune later. No bank connections to worry about, they don't know anything about your goals anyway!

Install Tiniio now to spend consciously and win the 1 Number Challenge.

Everything you need to win the 1 Number Challenge is free but please grow with us and help support future development.

Goals keep your plans moving forward, maintain a list of goals, save pictures, keep notes, and knock them out one by one.

Debt Calculator maintains a list of debts to keep you focused until they're paid off. Supports Snowball and Avalanche payment methods.

Spending History archives all previous spending, it’s a great way to refer back to what was spent.
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