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Adding up is easy, everyone can do it, but can you find the right way to do it?

You’ve been playing sudoku for ages and become a sudoku master. Now it’s time to become a Total Genius.

Like a good Sudoku, Total Genius is a logic-based puzzle game that uses the numbers one to nine. Using only the given numbers and only using each one once, can you find the right path to add up to the targets?

1 + 4 = 5
and so does
2 + 3
but with Total Genius you’ll find the right way to get there.

Sounds simple right?

Sure it starts easy but with Total Genius you soon face up to challenges that will keep the grey matter in trim.

The aim of the game is to find the path to the target totals. All paths must use tiles that are joined in a single continuous path. You can’t create any dead ends or orphaned tiles, and every tile in the grid must be used.

With 5 different tile patterns, 200 levels and a daily play challenge, Total Genius will help you unwind while still keeping you engaged and your brain sharp.


+ Swipe up, down, left or right to link the numbers together to create a path and reach the targets.
+ Find the path to the first target but make sure you can still solve the second.
+ If you get stuck you can use a hint to help you solve one of the targets
+ If you reach a dead-end, use the replay button to start the level fresh.

With simple rules and great casual gameplay, Total Genius is fun with numbers, just like Sudoku. It's the Math Path Puzzle game that adds up to a challenge. Whether you'd like to relax or keep the mind active – pass the time in a pleasant way with this sudoku challenger.

Total Genius is full of fun and addictive game play for all ages, and is the next sudoku killer.

Solving sudoku is something that millions of people worldwide find to be a deep source of pleasure. For those who don’t know, sudokus are mathematical challenges, which require you to fill in a 9x9 grid so that each vertical and horizontal line, and each of the nine 3x3 sub-grids, contains the digits one to nine. One thing that marks sudokus out is that they are pure logic. The numbers, 1-9, are there merely as symbols, so the same sudoku can be done by anyone, speaking any language, worldwide, on a completely equal basis. There are no barriers to entry whatsoever.

Total Genius takes the same grid concept and uses the digits 1 to 9 to create path finding puzzles. It’s not really a maths game at all. And like Sudoku, Total Genius is semantically independent and can be easily understood by players around the world in contrast to good old crosswords which must be adapted for every language.

It is quite common for Sodoko puzzles to have multiple solutions, especially those considered to be at the easier end of the spectrum. Each level in Total Genius however only ever has one valid solution. You might find a way to get to one of the targets but in doing so find you are blocked from completing the last target and therefore the puzzle. It’s what makes Total Genius the new soduko beater.

If you love a daily sudoku, you’ll love the daily challenge 4x4 grid in Total Genius, download it now for free.
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