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The focus of Upwrite is to change the way we use, search, organise and view information. This tool has many uses and can be used for creating notes, completing reports, assessments, it can be used within an educational, social care, health, business and for the home user. The Upwrite application can also be used to centralise information using a tailored sleek visual database. This is completed using a process called knowledge blocks. This method provides a unique experience which is clean, sleek and simple to use.

Creating your notes
Create handy notes in a collective organised way which allows you to have immediate and easy access to update, save, export in word and delete. You can also organise your notes in ascending, descending, date of publication or alphabetical order. The difference about Upwrite is that your notes are created as individual blocks which you can search and organise in an instant. For example, this could be an assignment you’re working on, a shopping list or information that you just wish to keep safe and secure. The world is your oyster allowing you to use your own creativity.

Creating your database
You can create a database with Upwrite using the knowledge blocks and this works by the software linking pre entered defined key works to provide you with the information you require in an organised and functional way. For example, if you’re looking for ‘section 1.2 software’ within a database. You can simply type in this phrase, the knowledge block will appear with additional information based on that keyword. This could be name, role and software version etc.

Creating your bespoke training tool
Upwrite can be a test ground for trainees in report writing, taking a range of tests or just having fun. Whether you’re writing a report about any particular topic the trainer can use Upwrite to test the trainee’s knowledge on any particular subject. This is done by the administrator inputting keywords in the back end of the software which is very easy to do. It will then analyse the trainee’s content that their inputting in the notes area and depending on the content entered Upwrite will provide the trainee with a knowledge block of information with prompts to help them.

Create your routine
Upwrite can create a systematic approach to your day by providing you with bespoke knowledge blocks to meet your daily tasks. For example, a morning routine, lunch routine, evening routine. Upwrite can even have a predefined knowledge block when you need it most. This is particular useful for those who have a diagnosis of a Learning Disability or Autism and routine and structure is important. Upwrite will aid the user by using the software and clicking on the respective knowledge block will provide instructions to assist.

Access your occupation
The very special function about Upwrite is that you get to choose what occupation user area you want to enter, whilst having all the functions shown above. When a user registers they can choose to enter a specific occupation which can, for example be Social Work, Health, Police and any other professional occupation which can be created upon request. So for example, a user when a user registers for the Social Worker they have the ability to write a report in a secure encrypted environment and whilst typing the report Upwrite will analyse key words and provide the user with additional information. This could be legislation, guidance, answers you're looking for or solutions which saves you time. We are know that a particular profession uses a particular language, legislation, guidance and case knowledgebase.
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