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 WayAndSee 1.0.31

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Aplikace pro: iPhone, iPad


Way around and the map will scratch free, tracking your way!
Get SeeScore Points for visited places, areas and more.
Harmless fun which will open your eyes for the world around you.

WayAndSee is designed for "Lazy Use" (just let it run in the background) and answers AUTOMATICALLY the usual questions:

WHERE did I go?
WHEN did it happen?
HOW did I get there?
WHAT did I see?
HOW MANY SeeScore Points did I get?


Uncovers the world as you way through it. Lists all visited Continents, Oceans, Countries, Cities, Landmarks etc..


You see your way of the last 10 days on the main map.

All dates are stored and can be listed per Year, Month, Day... or list of days you named (e.g. all days of "2018 Visit To Apple").

And of course you can see them on a detailed map.


On devices which supports CoreMotion (almost all iPhones/iPads), WayAndSee colors the tracks on the map showing how you did move (walking, running, by bicycle, by car etc.).


By tapping on a place in a list, you get the results of a Wikipedia search for that place. We love Wikipedia and will continue to support them.

You can also see your photos filtered for the selected days or the places.

HOW MANY SeeScore points:

For each visited place (continent, country, city, landmark etc.) and visited area you will earn SeeScore points.

In an overview you get the points of Today, Yesterday and In Total. A list of all details is also available. You can send out a SeeScoreCard to share your achievements with others.

No tricks - you have to go there!

There is no upload function or something else to cheat the points. The only way to get points is to way with your device through the world.


We are committed to data privacy!

Our business is software - not data!


We will not copy, move, transfer, send, sell, exchange or what ever your data. We don't need it! We don't want it! We don't take it!

Your data will stay here on that device. And you do not have to register to any website. We don't need that ... as we do not want your data!

WayAndSee only uses standard IOS functions and our own code. No third party software or other program modules are used. By that, we can ensure you, that there is no "backdoor" or such to your data either. 

Your data stays private!


WayAndSee uses the standard IOS Location service to track your location, even if WayAndSee runs in the background.

This will drain the battery additionally to your other use of the device.

To give you a way to manage this drain, WayAndSee offers two operational modes:


Takes single location samples every several minutes.

This is good enough to track which area you have visited, but of course will not give a continuous track of you way.

This will reduce the battery drain to the least possible minimum.


Continuously tracks your way through the world.

This is the most accurate mode and will show you exactly (within the limits of the GPS System) which way you took.

Of course this will drain the battery much more than "Best Battery", as the GPS Hardware of your iPhone/iPad will be powered up all the time.

See AUTO RESTART to learn how to optimize this


Additional mode to "Best Battery" or "Best Track".

Auto Restart start and stops the location tracking automatically by looking at your movements. There is no need for a location tracking when you are staying at the same place or the device rests on a table.

In this situations, WayAndSee pauses the location tracking and will restart after your device moves again. This helps to limit the battery drain to useful times.


"Best Battery" and "Auto Restart" needs the authorization of "Always" access of your location, even in background. Both methods uses IOS functions which needs this authorization.

See also "Data Privacy"

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUIMHvEY8ro
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