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 12 Rabi ul Awal-Milad un Nabi Profile DP Maker 1.0

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Mawlid (Arabic: مَولِد النَّبِي‎‎ mawlidu un-nabiyyi, "Birth of the Prophet", sometimes simply called in colloquial Arabic مولد mawlid, mevlid, mevlit, mulud among other vernacular pronunciations; sometimes ميلاد mīlād) is the observance of the birthday of the Islamic prophet Muhammad which is celebrated in Rabi' al-awwal, the third month in the Islamic calendar. 12 Rabi' al-awwal is the accepted date among most of the Sunni scholars, while Shi'a scholars regard 17 Rabi' al-awwal as the accepted date. This seven days period, i.e. 12–17 Rabi' al-awwal, is assigned by Islamic Republic of Iran as the unity week. The origin of Mawlid observance dates back to the period of the early four Rashidun Caliphs of Islam.The Ottomans declared it an official holiday in 1588.The term Mawlid is also used in some parts of the world, such as Egypt, as a generic term for the birthday celebrations of other historical religious figures such as Sufi saints. Upon the arrival of Eid-e-Milad vast road parades are held and homes or mosques are adorned. In mosques, religious pioneers and researchers make addresses on distinctive parts of the life of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) specially on Prophet’s introduction to the world, childhood, youth and grown-up life. The religious pioneers lets us know about centering the normal for Mohammad (S.A.W) in diverse way, on His teachings, sufferings, and how He excused even His most sharp foes.
Features :

- Capture a new image with your camera and apply an amazing rabiulawal sticker to it!
- Select an image from gallery and apply an amazing rabiulawal sticker to it!
- Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoom out or drag the sticker to fit the 12 rabiulawal dp as you like!
- Eid Milad ul Nabi S.A.W Selfi Editor supports all screen resolutions of mobile and tablet devices.
- You can Save Your work after editing.
- You can show and share saved images instantly on social networks like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!
- Get this amazing Eid Milad ul Nabi (S.A.W) DP for Android and you'll have the most beautiful eid milad un Nabi(SAW) pics!
- Select your favorite picture from gallery or take picture from camera.
- Crop the image.
- Simply choose the sticker that best suits your image and easily create a original work of art.
- create picture and save it.
- send to your friends and family on social media.
- Easy to use.

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