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 2018 Ninja Turtles Tricks and Tips 1.1

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This is not a game its guide for playing game properly.

It("忍者神龜,忍者神龟") is tells the story of four kung fu high-strength it and their teachers, Sprint, a super mouse from Japan, in the underground pipeline of New York City's main street. In order to maintain justice, to defend the city home, they are with the cunning Baxter Stokesman, the villain of the purple dragon and a group of mysterious and well-trained ninja (history Ryder's men) to fight desperately ...
The four brave, invincible, air full of small turtle, armed with samurai sword, samurai sticks, nunchaku and iron feet, go into battle heroic enemies, unity, such as brothers, fear of evil and intimidation, and always fight with the demons and ghosts ... ... the character of the little turtle also known as the artist, scientist named (was the mouse teacher to Renaissance four masters named after), respectively, their leader Da Vinci, personality calm Dona Taylor, Impatient impulsive but passionate Raphael and the most funny Michelangelo. These four famous small turtle, is the history of the strongest ninja animation.

"Ninja Turtles" tells the story: four ninja turtles began just a few pet turtle, feeding them, is a living in Manhattan sewer ninja master. One day, he mutated into a huge humanoid mouse, four small pets also will be changed into adult-shaped turtle. Then he began to teach Ninjutsu to the four. The four turtles that are learned are spent most of the time in saving the world...

To experience the joy of the classic arcade, come to familiar and understand its story and the secret!

* We follow-up will bring more classic arcade Guide (including Game Cheats and clearance techniques) to you, can not let the classic be forgotten, so stay tuned!
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