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Mobile app for client and driver, order forms, demo version.
We develop your branded mobile application with logo and design for 3 days.

Website + control panel. Software for business organization of taxi services and transportation. Demo version on the site http://taxi.autozvit.com. Your Branded Website + Admin panel development of with your logo and design for 3 days.
Our contacts: +38 (098) 1002012, by mail: abto3bit@gmail.com, Skype - ABTO3BIT

Development platform - http://fa.autozvit.com

Client App
1. Booking a taxi:
- Order form ( form indication of a carry route, additional: animal, air conditioning, smoking, child seat, wagon/free trunk). Distance cost before order will send. The cost and order data for the taxi driver for delivery are available after sending the order (with customer discounts).
- Location on the map (Choosing a trip route on the map). When GPS is off, it is suggested to go to the form of entering the address of the pickup and destination for the trip.
- You get the status of online order after booking a taxi, you can cancel the order (viewing the taxi card as brand / model, color, number, additional options).
2. Save of order lists. Estimation of travel on the transport for the order.

Driver App
1. Working as driver:
- Start/Stop working (Transfer of information to the database server about the start/end of the driver's working, the driver's location, if GPS is on).
- List of orders. A constantly updated list of active orders on the map. Hot order buttons: Accept order, Reject accepted, Call customer by contact number, View order on card, view all available clients on the map in a radius (to choose 1,5,10,20,30,50 km), Go to the execution In the taximeter. When the order is received, information is sent to the database server.
- Taximeter. Work in the accepted order mode. The time of the order, the route of movement (if available in the order), mileage, in addition: view the route map and the location of the car. Hot buttons (Landing for client, Delivering as a trip, Completed an order, Payment an order).
2. Messages. Chat between taxi drivers, taxi administration (Send, Delete, Delete all).
3. Settings:
- Driver or client username (+ password), callname.
- Brand/Model of car.
- Color, Car license plate.
- Contact phone number.
- Driver icon.
- Photo of the Car/Driver.
- Map (Google, OSM).
- Language (English, Russian, Ukrainian).
- Save data on satellites and battery charge (number of satellites and charge in percent) DEFAULT ALWAYS ON.
- GPS measurement error (save more accurate values, up to accuracy in places) DEFAULT NOT INSTALLED.
- Time of GPS location (save time in as many seconds) DEFAULT ALWAYS SET = 30 sec.
- GPS position distance (save time when traveling to a distance in meters) DEFAULT ALWAYS SET = 50 m.
Our contacts: +38 (098) 1002012, by mail: abto3bit@gmail.com, Skype - ABTO3BIT
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