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speed up your phone as well as tablets and to prevent battery drain resolving memory problems.
with 32gb ram booster you can Boost your device performance by just one tap and boost the 32gb RAM + save battery life and boost cleaner and get more performance!
32 GB RAM BOSTER + BOOST CLEANER is free & powerful ram optimizer with task Cleaner, Phone Booster, and battery life saver. Getting laggy all the time with your Android phone? Time to get a reliable optimizer (BOOST CLEANER) also 32gb ram booster will make some space in your phone , just try it and see the diffrence
You are probably asking if there is any need of boost cleaner app in 32gb ram phones , well most of android apps use ram memory without freeing the space , So for preventing the device from using all the 32 gb ram which will heat up the cpu and ram you need this 32gb ram booster free app , so your device work smoothly and without any errors .
This app not only for 32gb ram devices , it works also for .2gb , 3gb , 4gb , 6gb , 8gb , 16 gb ram.

32 GB RAM BOSTER 2018 + BOOST CLEANE features:
1- Boost your games and apps
2- free up memory boosting game performance and releasing free ram expander to speedup gameplay,
3- clear cash automatically after you exit every time.
4- ram boster:
the strongest feature in "32gb ram booster" app release free ram by killing unused apps running in the background and freezeup larg apps from using extra memory expand, and clean cash automatically your phone will never slow down.
5- Kill any tasks that consume ram.
6- one tap ram expander.
7- Boost your ram speed by safe killing tasks.
8- 32gb Ram booster- memory optimizer:
Memory smart booster feature reclaims lost memory for your programs by fragmentation your device memory and recuperating memory leaks from poorly behaved apps.
This app is designed for 32 GB RAM devices but it is also very effective for 16GB, 8GB, 6GB, 4GB, 3GB, 2GB,
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