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 3D Engineering Animations: Third Dimension 1.4b

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"3D Engineering Animations: Third Dimension" provides information, visualization and animations on 3D models, which can be downloaded from Internet. A 3D interactive model helps to visualize working mechanisms from all sides. Models can be rotated, enlarged and panned.

1. Enable/disable 3D parts to see the parts which exactly you want to view.
2. Information of each 3D models' parts and other mechanism available through Animation Dictation and Search Engine.
3. Download 3D Models from Online Library and visualize them anytime. Some of the 3D Models in the Online Library:
a) V6 Engine (Mechanical)
b) Arduino (Electronics)
c) Human Muscle Anatomy (Biology)
d) Wind Turbine (Mechanical)
e) Car Suspension (Mechanical)
f) Car Steering (Mechanical)
g) Gear Transmission (Mechanical)
h) Human Skeletal Anatomy (Biology)
i) Stop Valve (Mechanical)
j) Radial Engine (Mechanical)
k) Watt Governor (Mechanical)
l) Differential System (Mechanical)
m) Clutch Pad (Mechanical)
n) Airbus (Visualisation), etc.
4. "Animations + Dictation of information related to the model" of 3D Models.
5. Rotation and Scale Sensitivity of the 3d model can be controlled.
6. Eagle's Eye Mode: Can see through the objects for skeletal view of an object.

Usage and Navigation:
1. Rotate the scene by dragging your fingers over the model.
2. Zoom the model in and out by pinching with your fingers.
3. Select the focus mode, and focus on a particular part in a mechanism.
4. Toggle check/uncheck the part to enable/disable them.
5. Reset the camera to get the initial view of the model.
6. Internet Connection is must.

Note: On Main Screen, the app is in English language only. But, dictation with animation (i.e. the working information of 3D Models) is supported in 6 Languages:
1. English
2. Spanish
3. Russian
4. German
5. Portuguese
6. Japanese

Note: A 3D Model size ranges from 2-5 MB. Otherwise, internet connection is required to verify your download information and TTS information which hardly takes 1KB per session. So, only downloading models use up little data; visualising pre-downloaded models take negligible data.

This is a must have app for students who are interested in learning/visualising different structures in 3D with their animations.
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