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Use this app to quickly and easily view, with a stereoscope, your 3D stereo photo portfolios stored on your phone or on the Web. And you can view your 2D (monocular) photo folders and portfolios too.

The 3D Stereo Photo Viewer displays side-by-side (stereoscopic parallel) photos stored on your phone or embedded in many Web page photo galleries. You locate Web galleries using a QR code URL link or from a clipboard URL link via the menu or Settings option. The app can use QR code URL links to reference web pages embedded with photos you want to see using this app.

The app supports the stereo file formats MPO and JPS in addition to parallel (side-by-side) left/right JPG, PNG files, and individual left/right files.

You can capture stereo photos using a Camera Cha-Cha technique function launched from the menu, or volume up button. Use "Open Camera Remote" app because it has a volume up and screen tap feature to take a photo, among other helpful configurable options. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?d=net.sourceforge.opencameraremote&hl=en

The app displays stereo photos intended for viewing with a smartphone stereoscope, such as a Lorgnette stereoscope or the Cyclopital3d View-Vaster stereoscope.

When the distance between the left and right eye image on your phone, center to center, nearly matches the distance between your eyes, it may be possible for you to "free view" the photo to see it in 3D stereo without a stereoscope or other viewer. To learn more about the free viewing technique, do a Google search "how to free view stereo (3d) images". DO NOT free view or use this app, if it gives you eye strain or discomfort.

To view 3D photos with a Google Cardboard VR viewer, there is a purchase app available. Please see https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.andymodla.apps.vrstereophotoviewer

The pay version has 360 degree 3D panorama viewing and 180/360 swivel chair modes with zoom.

For help and a full feature list, including remote key controller options, please see my user guide at http://www.tekla3d.com/3d-stereo-photo-viewer-user-guide.html
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