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 3G 4G 5G Signal Converter 2018 - Prank 3.0

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Prank your friend with 3G 4G 5G Signal Converter Prank to Network Switch by using this prank app

5G Simulator must be compatible to run on 5G SIM on Android smartphone. If you are wondering if there is a method to get it, then I have a glimmer of hope for you. You can enjoy 3G 4G 5G Signal Swithcer with your 3G phone using 3G to 5G Converter App. Smart 4G LTE Only Network does not work on 3G devices. The following trick 3g to 4g converter lte volte for android can help you run simulation 5G Signal on your 4G LTE device.

Hey friends This app is just a simulator of real 2g 3g 4g signal booster here you find that how to get 3g to 4g convert mobile app and 5G network mode on 4G phone easily, My 3G 4G 5G Signal Only Network is a fun joke app that converts your 3G signal to 4G. Most smart phones only support 3G. So if you want to support your smart phone 4G then download this 4G LTE to 4G VoLTE Converter 2018 Prank and convert your 3G support phone to 4G LTE and enjoy a 4G VoLTE supported phone.

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3G 4G 5G Signal Converter Key Features (Prank):
- Convert your 3G support to 4G, 5G support.
- No hardware modifications
- This is an awesome simulation
- No undesired permissions needed (safe!)
- 4G VoLTE Checker Support
- 4g to 5g signal converter
- And also easy to use for user and convert in a few seconds.
- Easily convert your smartphone from 3G to 4G support.

Other features:
Internet Speed Booster Prank
Wifi Password Hacker Prank
VPN Access Connect Prank
No root access
Free Wifi Prank

How to use 3G 4G 5G Signal Converter App:
1. Check your device's specifications to make sure it runs on Mediatek Chipset (MTK).
2. The trick is preferred for Android KitKat Version 4.4.
3. Now Download and install MTK Engineering Mode app on your Android 3G device.
4. Open the App and select the CSE settings.
5. Now select Preferred Network Option
6. In the drop down list select 4G LTE / WCDMA / GSM and Save & Reboot Your Phone.
7. You're done Your device will run at 4G speed with 3G network using 4G SIM card.

If you don’t have 3g 4g 5g signal only switch than don’t worry 3G to 4G Signal converter simulator prank app help you to convert your device from 3g to 4g. This app is just for fun. Enjoy this prank as much as you can. Share with your friends and family for more entertainment. It is a smart tool to convert your 3g device into 4g or 5G. It shows that it improve GSM, 3G, 4G, LTE signal, actually it is a fun and jok

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3G 4G 5G Signal Converter Prank App does not change your device You can prank your friends with 3G Phone Show You network 4G VoLTE speed We do not support any of the products and Apps listed above. not responsible for any damage incurred.
Tricks given below, for informational purposes only. The reader's wisdom is suggested, This trick may not work for all devices.
We are not responsible for any damage caused. Operate at your own risk.
Operate at your own risk. You can not get 4G LTE Signal with this trick but your phone can support 4G SIM and run on 3G network. Feel free to comment below for any help needed.
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