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Have fun and practice your math skills while unlocking all levels, in this Amazing Mathematical Space Adventure Quiz!

A MATH QUIZ IN SPACE includes all Basic Mathematical Operations:
Sum (addition) +
Subtraction -
Multiplication x
Division ÷

You'll be amazed to realize that your math skills grow the more you play the game, and your mental math calculations are even getting faster!

Each level represents a new challenge that will always take you one step further!

Some people even say they feel like in a state of meditation or mindfulness when they play it for long periods!

This game is for the whole family:

Adults entertain them, and keep them alert and focused, helping them keep the brain active and healthy.

To children facilitates the understanding of mathematical operations (and to memorize them as well), So at school and at home everyone will be happy with the progress in math skills.

In this Game Your Mission is to Unlock all Levels and Your Math Skills are Your Best Weapon!

But your Math Skills Aren't Enough... Your Speed and Agility are Also Required!

Time can be Your Best Friend or Your Worst Enemy!... So Don’t Rush and Don't Let the Clock Reach You!

Your Skills WILL Increase With Each Level You Complete... So don’t be Surprised When You Become An Expert!

Are You Ready For The Mission?

Lets Go!

This application is designed for people who already know how to add, subtract, multiply and divide with simple numbers and basic operations (children and adults), that is, A MATH QUIZ IN SPACE IS DESIGNED FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY!.

WE ALSO HAVE A VERSION FOCUSED ON CHILDREN UNDER 8 (A MATH KIDS IN SPACE) to practice the above operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) IN A MORE BASIC LEVEL, with advances in short steps (with a graduated progress). This version may be very simple for you, but for the kids it is a very entertaining challenge, with many benefits in their learning and practice of mathematical operations.

Practicing "A MATH QUIZ IN THE SPACE", or "A MATH KIDS IN SPACE" will surely improve Your Math Skills (and will help for sure in school), and IT WILL BE A LOT OF FUN!
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