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About application: This is a really very good application. As a businessman you need to know some formulae to know about your business.
For example, you can use this app in case you need to perform some ratio analysis or to calculate market Status of your product. Through this app you can calculate many things for a financial transaction like to calculate assets, liability, profit loss, income from businesses, expenses , margin, variables cost etc. You can also take help while calculating some ratio analysis like cash ratio, turnover ratio, market value ratio
to know about the ups and downs about the business.
With the help of this apps any business owner or commerce background person can easily know about his Assets, liabilities, business breakeven point, sales price ,contribution margin, profit margin. They can know about his Assets, liabilities and also they can perform some useful ratio analysis like cash ratio, debt to equity ratio, liquidity ratio, financial leverage ratio, turnover ratio, profitability ratio, market value ratio and much more to analyze his business. This app can play a vital role in case someone is dealing in share market business to calculate market value per share , earning par share ,book value par share with the help of some formulae. As remembering formulae is so difficult, this app can be really handy to calculate the market value etc. related to the share market.

This is a multi-functional convenient app to help you in various ways in case you are dealing with any plain business or share market business.
It helps to calculate all the business relates essential things and also calculates all the ratios to have a better picture of the business.
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