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AddOns for MCPE
Have you played AddOns for MCPE? If yes! Then its time to create MCPE AddOns with our genius AddOn Creator App. Addons are a fun way to see and play minecraft in a different perspective.
With our AddOn Creator (Maker) you can make it just the way you have imagined.

★ With AddOn Maker you can edit the items and characters for the following three categories.
☛ You can edit minecraft Mobs(Animals and Monsters in Minecraft).
☛ Items for Addons.
☛ MCPE projectiles.

Minecraft Mobs Editor

With mob editor you can edit the following things of a Mob.
✓ Mobs(Animals and Monsters in Minecraft) Skin! There are plenty of skins available.
✓ Basics of a mob(Animal and Monster in Minecraft) like! Health, move speed, size.
✓ Mobs (Animals and Monsters in Mincraft) Features e.g. Inventory & its size; Wether player can ride or not; Teleport; Wether Mob can breath in water or and how many times; Burns in daylight; Hurt when wet and Fire immune.
✓ Then there is Editable Attack of Mob possible editing are Damage amount; Ranged attack (attack speed, attack radius, burst shots & bust interval); finally nearest attackable target.
✓ Final Editable charactristic of a Mob is its Behaviour. Following are the behaviors that can be edited. Avoid other mobs, Leap at target, water and many more.

Minecraft Items
There are over 100 items from over 6 categories that can be edited e.g In minecraft weapons category there are 20+ minecraft weapons that can be edited e.g. Wood hoe, Wood sword, Stone axe and many more. Install the App to look for these.
✓ Skin of an item can be edited there many skins available to edit.
✓ Then for some items(like fruits) there effect, DURATION and NUTRITION can be changed.
✓ Then a minecraft armor is another type of minecraft weapons and has the following features that can be changed! Its skin, Helmet icon, plate icon, legging icon and boot icon.

Minecraft projectiles
There are 10 projectiles that are being used in AddOns our App provides the full ability to edit all 10 projectiles.
And there are 6 properties and behaviours that can be changed edited of the projectiles.

★ SKINS, POWER, GRAVIT, KNOCKBACK, CATCHFIRE and EXPLODE are the behaviours of the minecraft projectiles that can be tweaked to behave like you want in the game.

★ Finally you can export the AddOn and install it in the game with simple steps. Choose your own icon and name. Write necessary description to explain what the MCPE Addon can do and you are good to go.

👍👍 If you are beginner and have any confusion in creating the MCPE AddOn or you are not able to install AddOn don't worry We have included a detailed guide of how to perform these tasks. And we have also included some free AddOns which you can install to see how they work how amazing they are.

Use the maximum available editing to make the AddOns for MCPE. And we are soon making a community of this app then you will be able to share your created AddOns among the community.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Must Be Installed to import addons. AddOn Maker is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB. The Minecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assets are all property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner. All rights reserved. In accordance with

Finally don't forget to give us the feedback at
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