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Jiu-jitsu has thousands of techniques; this can seem totally overwhelming, but there is a secret solution.

You see, if you break down Jiu-jitsu into its fundamental components, then you really just see a few fundamental movements being used again and again. These movements are the building blocks that underly all of jiu-jitsu, and most ‘new’ techniques are really just putting these relatively basic building blocks together in a new way.

Even the craziest, most advanced techniques are built from certain fundamental movements that you probably already know.

It’s not a question of re-inventing your jiu-jitsu again and again for each new move you learn – instead it’s all about being able to hone in on the underlying movement patterns.

The ‘Advanced BJJ Fundamentals’ app for Apple, Android and Kindle devices breaks this all down for you so that your game will instantly improve with this information.

In the app world BJJ champion Brandon ‘Wolverine’ Mullins Brandon breaks these movements down for you (including how you can drill them on your own) and then shows you how those very same movements can be used again and again in ever-more advanced applications.

This app will build a super-strong foundation for the next ten years of your jiu-jitsu training.

Plus you’ll learn some really cool techniques that I guarantee you haven’t seen before too.

The Advanced BJJ Fundamentals app will give you...

* Step-by-step instructions on using the building blocks of jiu-jitsu to sharpen your techniques, make them more effective against better quality opponents, and also make it much easier to add new techniques to your game

* A TON of material: 2 hours and 4 minutes completely filler-free instruction

* Complete menus for easy navigation

* Competition footage showing how the techniques you're learning are used in competition

* A complete package: after the initial download an internet connection is NOT required to view the videos

* The same app plays on both your phone and your tablet, so you don't need to buy different versions for each type of device

It's an amazing BJJ resource you can carry around with you in your pocket, referring to it whenever you want, and turning downtime into productive jiu-jitsu time!
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