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 Advanced calculator 2.1

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1. To make calculations as a standard calculator where the main functions: multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, basic trigonometric functions, including inverse trigonometric functions, hyperbolic functions, factorial, exponentiation, square roots, logarithm.
2. Translate numbers from one number system to another. Presents the radix from 2 to 36. In the case of obtaining a continued fraction, it rounds up to a hundred decimal places. There is a detailed description of the translation.
3. Perform basic arithmetic operations on any number system, as well as some logical (bitwise or, exclusive OR, bitwise And, bitwise negation).
4. To make basic operations with matrices with a maximum size of 10*10. Perhaps the transposition of a matrix, finding inverse of a matrix, the determinant of the matrix step and diagonal forms of matrices, sums and differences of matrices, product of matrices, the construction of the matrix.
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