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Adventure Western Hatboy runner is no ordinary rodeo adventure to grow ranch or maintain a stable. It's wicked cowboy war against violent townsfolk and lawless posse who lurk in the shadow and kill townspeople to collect bounties. Maintain your marksmen prestige in dueling against filthy scum gangster. Keep revolver steady and always prepared for shooting gun without any heads up. Ride horse to abandoned outpost and kill most wanted robbers chief before he escapes. A real cowboy don’t need a sidekick partner to shoot the gangster who is wanted dead or alive. Seek redemption instead of committing crimes. Pay respect in fierce form against troublemakers. Use knuckle force if you have to stop bad cowboys from smuggling black gold and money in form of weapons in wild west point.

Adventure Western Hatboy runner revolves around the life of a old dashing cowboy who used to be a sheriff for good reasons. Soon he realized that it is time for sheriff to retire and become a bounty hunter. Give up your badge & holster to buy a double barrel shotgun. Prepare the cowboy horseback of your mustang stallion and start riding horse when it is high noon. Bang outlaws gang and build reputation of a deadly gunslinger with best shooting accuracy. Collect your ammo from salon, grab revolver and visit your old town in Western Arizona desert to shoot out heinous scum. In a duel against cowboy foes hold the trigger close and reload chamber after firing six bullets. Master skeet shooting skills & go for bullseye targets.

Adventure Western Hatboy runner is so easy but super exciting runner game.
Jump over to collect coins & use different Power-ups in the air. Be sure that you have to land safely. The Amazing Adventure Western Hatboy runner game is challenging still easy to play.
You only need to Jump over the object and shoot the Enemies. Collect different Power up like Sped, Gun, and Shield on the run. Shoot the enemies of cowboy and clear the way.
Amazing CowBoy Runner is game run and adventure, have fun in this game.
Jumping, Collecting coins, different Power-Ups in the air and landing safely.
Also in this game, you will listen to a great music while playing.
Shoot the enemies of cowboy and clear the way

You can also give your favorite name to this game as Adventure Western Hatboy runner because you run and jump and you need to across different obstacles, overcome dangers.Once a time, there was a young cowboy lived in a quiet village. Although his
father and mother had passed away, he still lived happily with his friends and his beloved
girl. One day, an earthquake happened in his village. Then it was unbelievable that all kindsof monsters turned up and the villagers were afraid to go out now. In order to protect hisfriends and his beloved girl, the young cowboy decided to take up arms and destroy themonsters. He would find out why these monsters came out. He expected that the quiet villagewould recover to the happiness in former days. With his power of agility, the young cowboykilled all the monsters near the village. However, these monsters were alive again just afewer moments later. When he felt confused, the young cowboy heard from the voice ofa“guardian” in claiming to protect the land. She said that the seven stones in protectingthe safety of the land were stolen and these stones were now watched by the big monsters. If he expected to completely destroy these monsters, he had to collect these stones together and take them back to her. According to the instructions of the “guardian”, the young cowboy killed the monsters in watching the seven stones.
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