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Africa Popular Tourist Places and Tourism Guide App is an amazing app that offers all the information about the top visited and famous places of Africa. This app helps you to find more amazing spots and attractive destinations of Africa and make your vacations more interesting and delightful. Africa is the second largest and second most populated continent in the world.

Africa is a vast continent bounded by the Mediterranean sea to the north Atlantic ocean to the west Red sea to the northeast and Indian ocean to the southeast. Africa is very diverse continent with unique culture of every country. There are many exotic natural attractions like Sahara Desert Okavango Delta Red Sea Reef Nile River Mount Kilimanjaro Ngorongoro Crater Serengeti National Park and many more.

App contains the following sub categories:

Top Wonders
* Sahara Desert
* Okavango Delta
* Red Sea Reef
* Nile River
* Mount Kilimanjaro
* Ngorongoro Crater
* Serengeti National Park

Top Tourist Destinations
* Victoria Falls, Zambia
* Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
* Cape Town, South Africa
* Marrakech, Morocco
* Zanzibar, Tanzania
* Djenne, Mali
* Lake Malawi, Malawi, Tanzania & Mozambique
* Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Uganda
* Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
* Omo River Region, Ethiopia
* The Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

Safest Places to Visit
* Ethiopia
* Gambia
* Rwanda
* Morocco
* Malawi
* Botswana
* Tanzania
* Madagascar
* Seychelles
* Namibia

Popular National Parks
* Etosha National Park, Namibia
* Kruger National Park, South Africa
* Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
* Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya
* Namib-Naukluft National Park, Namibia
* Virunga National Park, Democratic Republic of the Congo
* Ngorongoro National Park, Tanzania
* Amboseli National Park, Kenya
* Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe
* Lake Manyara National Park, Tanzania

Honeymoon Destinations
* Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
* Madagascar, East Africa
* Cape Town
* Malawi
* Gambia
* Tanzania
* Kenya
* Tunisia
* Seychelles
* Mozambique

Historical Places
* Olduvai Gorge
* Thebes
* Leptis Magna
* Meroe
* Great Zimbabwe
* Rock-hewn churches of Lalībela
* Timbuktu
* Kunta Kinteh Island
* Coastal Forts

* Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town, South Africa
* Saladin Citadel, Cairo, Egypt
* Elmina Castle, Elmina, Ghana
* Fasilides Castle, Fasil Ghebbi, Ethiopia
* Fortress of São Miguel, Luanda, Angola
* Citadel of Qaitbay, Alexandria, Egypt
* Great Zimbabwe
* Fort Santa Cruz, Oran, Algeria
* Duwisib Castle, Namibia
* Kilwa Fort, Tanzania
* Yohannes Castle, Gondar, Ethiopia

Family Destinations
* Namibia
* Mozambique
* Kenya
* The Seychelles
* South Africa
* Botswana
* Zambia
* Uganda
* Tanzania

Best Romantic Safari Adventures
* Hot air ballooning over the savanna
* Camping in the Mara during the Great Migration
* Victoria Falls National Park
* Rafting the Zambezi River
* Bungee jumping at Victoria Falls
* Swimming in Devil’s Pool
* The white-sand beaches of Zanzibar
* Serengeti National Park

Beautiful Towns and Cities
* Luxor, Egypt
* Djenne, Mali
* Essaouira, Morocco
* Kigali, Rwanda
* Cape Town, South Africa
* Stone Town, Tanzania
* Mozambique City, Mozambique
* Windhoek, Namibia
* Lamu, Kenya
* Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

Beautiful Beaches
* Limbe
* Cape Maclear
* Kokrobite
* Réunion
* Santo Antão
* Mauritius
* Seychelles
* Lamu
* Zanzibar Archipelago

Besides this:
* Popular National Parks
* Popular Food
* Most Beautiful Lakes
* Monuments and Landmarks
* Honeymoon Destinations
* Historical Places
* Forts and Castles
* Famous Shopping Streets
* Family Destinations
* Best Romantic Safari Adventures
* Best Cathedrals
* Beautiful Waterfalls
* Beautiful Towns and Cities
* Beautiful Beaches
* Amusement Parks
* Adventure Sports Destinations

This App gives detail information about all top tourist destinations and famous attractions of Africa in your mobile phone without using internet.
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