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With character customization, players are able to customize their character's race, gender, facial hair, body features, clothing and character's voice effects.[7][9] There are five available playable races: Saiyans, Namekians, Earthlings, Majins and Frieza's race; all of which have race specific advantages and bonuses as well as shortcomings.[10][11]

Become super heroes and warriors of legend with full skill of a super hero special more than all on global.

Dragon Ball is a fight game with dark characters, only 1, 2, 3 or 4 times you do not hit you will be defeated by your opponent.

The game is designed in the form of shadow and flexible movement, shadow fight battle of 2 dragon ball in the world.

In this game, you will in super hero role also superheroes and fight with big bosses, the most dangerous enemies in universe. Your enemies will upgrade their power each level, and … they will absolute make you hard to win.

You must fight against 1 enemies, but sometime you will must fight with many enemies at the same time. We believe you will love this fight way. if you want to win.

All people in the world or VietNam, old men, kid, boys or girls, man or woman know like Dragon Ball and very like play this games.

The online multiplayer is accessed from the Toki-Toki City, which serves as a hub where players can form groups and take on cooperative, time-traveling missions

The game is set almost entirely within a number of 3D battle arenas which are mostly modeled after notable locations in the Dragon Ball, accessed from the main hub – the Toki-Toki City. Fighters can traverse the levels free-roaming in large spaces and can fight on ground, in the air and underwater. The game features spoken dialogue from a majority of main characters while in battle, and characters show facial expressions when they strike an opponent or take damage. Although limited, the players have some freedom to explore the planet Earth as it exists in the Dragon Ball universe along with a handful of other locations, including the aforementioned Toki-Toki City. Xenoverse is also the third Dragon Ball game to feature character creation, the first being Dragon Ball Online and the second being Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi. Player-created character has the option of becoming an apprentice of the original Dragon Ball characters in order to learn their special moves and access specific costume items.

Defeating each Time Patroller will give you either a Material item, Equip item or a Dragon Ball. Since these enemies can be quite challenging, my suggestion is to fight them once your character is between level 20 and 30. You must land the finishing blow or they will not drop any Dragon Balls. Repeat the quest until you obtain all seven Dragon Balls, making you one step closer to fulfilling your wish. In order to unlock a new character, you must use the Dragon Balls to summon Shenron and then select “I want more usable characters!” from the list of wishes. Each time you gather all seven Dragon Balls and make that particular wish, a different character will unlock.
ELDER KAI ADVANCED TRAINING IS BROKEN. You will often notice that your moves are not being counted on the menu, even though you’re landing them properly and hitting your target. This is because the game is coded to only register those inputs within a single frame and anything outside of that frame will not be accounted for. We’re not the only ones having this problem and hope to see a patch that will address this complaint.

This Application is not Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Game , This is Tips and Guide for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 game Made by Fan
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