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Algebra isn an app that teaches you how to do algebra with worked, step-by-step examples. If algebra leaves you confused, Algebra app is here to help with hundreds of worked examples that show step-by-step solutions. This Algebra app is practical - it will help you learn algebra by seeing how an expert solves problems. Includes both books to read at your own pace and video tutorials.

- Review of numbers and exponents
- Solving for variables
- Factoring
- Rational functions
- Simplifying
- Quadratic Equations and Quadratic Formula
- Doing word problems
- Completing the Square
- Solving cubics

Video Tutorials Include:
-Exponents and Absolute Values
- Solving for unknown variables
- Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing Polynomials
- Slope-Intercept Equation
- Equation of a Line
- Distance and Midpoint
-Factoring, Roots and Radicals
- Solving Absolute value equations, graphing absolute values
- Simplifying Fractional Expressions
- Quadratic Formula
- Completing the Square
- Graphing Quadratics
- Inequalities
- Interest rate and percentage problems
- Word Problems
- Logarithms
- Solving Simultaneous Equations

- Easy to understand and learn algebra at your own pace
- Good for all levels of algebra, from algebra I to college algebra
- Great for students or for review and self-study
- Randomly selects a different lesson each day you open the app, or view lessons in order
- Includes books to read on your device
- Watch videos showing you in real time how to solve problems
- Internet connection required to view videos
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