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Download this app to learn about salat taraweeh ( taraweeh prayer in Ramadan). صلاة التراويح

The purpose of this app is to help Muslims globally understand the actual facts about solat taraweeh based on authentic ahadeeth of the prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wasallam).

There's a confusion as to how many raka'ats the taraweeh is. Some people are claiming it is 8 rakahs, some said 20 rakahs and some said 36 raka'ats. Which one is right? What was the practice during and after the time of the prophet? Download our simple taraweeh app to know about these issues.

It is very important to know that quality is far more important than quantity. So be it 8 or 20 or 36 rakahs the quantity ( kushu and paying attention) is what matters. صلاة التراويح

No Muslim should go against another regarding salat taraveeh. If person1 pray 20 raka'ats Alhamdulillah but person1 must not criticize or denounce he who prayed 8. Download this app to clarify and listen HD MP3 lecture on the issue of salat taraveeh by sheikh Yasir Qadhi and Sheikh Assim Al Hakim.

App features: صلاة التراويح

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Topics discussed include:

Meaning and definition of taraweeh

what is the difference between tahajjud and taraveeh

Virtues of solat taraaweeh

Time to pray it

How many rakahs 8, 20 or 36 ?

Recitation. Must a person be a hafiz (one who memorized Quran) to lead the prayer of tarawih ?

Where should women pray their home or masjid ?

Can a woman lead the prayer? If yes how?

Two mp3 audio lectures one by Sheikh Yasir Qadhi and another by sheikh assim alhakeem on the topic salat taraweeh during the time of the prophet and during the caliphate time.

Where do the numbers 8 or 11, 20, 36 came from?

Download this app to get answers to all of the above questions.

If you've any suggestion or feedback about this app, please use the developer email to send us a direct email. We will in shaa Allah read carefully and respond appropriately to your mail.

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Thank you very much for checking out this app. صلاة التراويح
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