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Alpha Physics is the best physics app available on android. This app provides free physics topics, definitions, formulas and a beautiful formula calculator. It helps you to refresh your knowledge, prepare on exams, solves your physics homework and increase your knowledge.This education application is formatted for all levels of physics from primary school to university.Its material design with clean interface allows students to focus on particular areas in the subject.

All Physics Topics
Contains over 25 most vital concepts of physics. Every topic is going through a brief introduction to the concepts and visualized with a beautiful icon. Each topic contains formula, equations and detailed description which are formatted for all levels of physics from primary school to university.

Constants that matters
A data sheet for all the constants that matters most and needy.This is a useful tool which you can quick look to the physical constants to solve your homework or revise your memory.

Quick reference Definitions
Contains over 500 physics definitions and terms. All definitions are brief explained with simple language and equipped with a reference to Wikipedia. User can switch between all and basic definitions for ease.

A beautiful Formula Calculator
Solves any formula instantly and accurately. Formulas are classified into 5 sections with over 100 formulas. Quick look to any equation you want with detailed description and helps you in revise key formulas and solve your homework.

Know about great Physicists
Know more about people who contributed for physics to study different aspects of nature. Contains more than 50 physicists describing their inventions and awards they achieved.

Search, get results now
Search anything you want to know and explore the physics world. Users can search topics, definitions, formulas and physicists to get results instantly.

Dark theme for late night sections
Alpha Physics is built for students who are studying at night too. Dark theme with material design helps students to study physics without any stress.

This app covers following topics:
•Vectors Operations
•Linear Motion
•Uniform acceleration
•Projectile motion
•Uniform circular motion
•Rigid body
•Work, Energy, Power
•Rotary motion
•Harmonic motion
•Lateral and longitudinal waves
•Sound waves
•Magnetic field
•Direct current
•Alternating current
•Wave optics
•Electromagnetic waves
•Geometrical optics
•Modern Physics
•Hydrogen atom

The formulas are classified into 5 sections:
•Thermal Physics
•Waves & Optics
•Electricity & Magnetism
•Modern Physics

The app is continuously updated with new features and content. So, stay up to date for new app releases.

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