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We Indians love pickles. Be it mango pickle, stuffed chili or any other. Adding pickle to your food not only increases the taste of food but also help in digestion. we are proud to introduce this APP on pickle (achaar or achar) recipe.

It Contains all the Achaar Recipes Like
Aam ka Achaar
Mirch ka Achaar
Nimbu ka Achaar
Gajar Ka Achaar
Amla ka Achaar
Adrak Ka Achaar
Leshun Ka Achaar

App Features :-
- You can access this whole app in offline(no Internet Connection required).
- Free for all
- All Achaar Recipe in Hindi
- This APP is Hindi recipe book. Use this APP as a hindi recipe book on Indian food.
- Share recipes with friends and families using social app like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.
- Easy to add recipes in your favorite list.
- Simple and easy

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Various list of Achaar(Pickle) are :
- Amla pickle
- Assorted pickle
- (dhana meethi ka achar),
- (shahan ka achar),
- (kachalu ka achar),
- Carrot pickle
- Garlic pickle
- Sweet sour lemon pickle
- Tomato pickle
- Coconut pickle
- (mirchi ka rai ka achar),
- (chimandh ka achar),
- (bena theal kea aam ka achar),
- (shamila mirchi ka achar),
- (Andhra style amla achar),
- Green chili pickle
- Indian pickle
- Meats
- Onion pickle
- Raw mango and chickpea pickle
- Red chili pickle
- Sweet mango pickle
- (kachchi haldhi ka achar) and many more recipe for you..

Achar(pickles) are very important item in Indian meal. Achar enhances the tastes of the meal and increases the satisfaction after every meal. Pickles are easy to prepare with right ingredients and can be preserved for months. Here you can find mouth watering homemade Achar recipes which have to be consumed with a few days and pickles that can be preserved for months.
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