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"Amazing Facts: 20000+ Facts"
20000+ amazing facts. Experience the most beautiful super amazing facts app.

It is beautiful, simple and amazing FACTS app. Super Amazing Facts is a beautifully designed simple and engaging amazing facts app where readers can spend their time and gain knowledge about History, Science, Space, Universe, NASA, animals, World War, Countries, Society, Human Body, etc. One of the best functionality of this beautiful app is to show facts on the random basis. The readers have to just press the "Next Fact" button and random amazing and interesting facts will appear on each press of the button. All the interesting, weird, amazing and funny facts have been collected from various online sources. This app will also help educate students to know about things around them in a very interactive manner.

The major objective of this amazing facts app is to provide state of the art interface to users which is easy to operate and navigate.

Currently, we have added the following 14 broad categories:
- I'm Feeling Lucky: It will showcase random facts from any category.
- Animals facts
- Awesome facts
- Body facts
- Countries & Locations facts
- Earth facts
- Food facts
- History facts
- NASA facts
- Science facts
- Society & People facts
- Universe facts
- USA facts
- WorldWar facts

The super amazing facts app has reached the 28th version and we are regularly working to make it one of the most beautiful app on the Play Store. With focus on the quality of facts, we have also directed our efforts in terms of design and creativity along with simplicity.

We are working on the 29th version of this app where we will add approx. more than 3000 more facts. Users of Super Amazing Facts app are reading more than 30,000 facts on the daily basis and the number is increasing. Please share this app among your friends, relatives and unknown.

Version 28 Update:
- Optimized for performance.
- Added 2000 amazing facts.
- Added new category - Amazing Hollywood Facts

Version 26 Update:
- Add to Favorites Limit increased from 50 to 100. Now you can save upto 100 facts.
- Added 2000 facts.

Version 25 Update:
- Biggest update - now you can add your favorite facts (upto 50) with added functionality of copy, share & delete.
- Improved the overall design and added buttons on the bottom toolbar to add a fact to your favorite menu and navigate to favorite screen.
- Improved the navigation menu.
- Removed the issue of user not able to exit the app.
- Removed/updated few facts.

Version 24 Update:
- Added 1000 facts across different categories.

Version 23 Update:
- Added 2100 amazing facts

Version 22 Update:
- Added more amazing facts
- Improved the code and optimized for performance

Version 21 Update:
Added 2000 amazing facts in the following categories:
- Animal facts
- Awesome facts
- Food facts
- Universe facts
- I'm feeling lucky

Version 20 Update:
Added 2000 amazing facts in the following categories:
- Animal facts
- Awesome facts
- Food facts
- Universe facts
- I'm feeling lucky

Version 19 Update:
- Bugs fixed.

Version 18 Update:
- Added 2000 more amazing facts in categories ("Society & People" and "Animals").

Version 17 Update:
- Added 1100 more amazing facts in categories ("Countries & Locations Facts" and "I'm Feeling Lucky").
- Few Design Updates to make user engagement more powerful.

Version 16 Update:
- Added 2 categories ("Society & People Facts" and "Food Facts").
- Added 1400 more super amazing facts.

Version 15 Update:
- Added 2 categories ("Countries & Locations Facts" and "Awesome Facts").
- Added 2000 more super amazing facts.
- Added notification about amazing fact of the day.
- Optimized for performance.

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