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 Amazing Space program of Okerball 1.0

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Who told you that simulators and sandbox programs for creating rockets for space travel - this is too boring, does not bring absolutely no pleasure, and, frankly, absolutely not for everyone? It's not so! Make sure of this yourself, because in the Amazing Space program of Okerball you have to take on the difficult duties of the main scientist-physicist and, in combination, the chief engineer-designer of rockets for interplanetary travel of one very funny alien race, which is trying to conquer the nearest to their planet space!

A whole race of creatures counts on the fact that it is you who, using the latest discoveries in physics and rocketry, will develop a promising program for space travel and open doors to them in mysterious worlds that will please gay aliens with new incredible and exciting adventures. And now you simply have to make every effort to develop a special space program in one of two fascinating game modes (adventure mode and sandbox mode), design a unique and unique space rocket and make sure that no one is hurt during the tests ...

The original simulator is a sandbox for space travel on the screen of your device!

Amazing Space program of Okerball is undoubtedly the most creative simulator of the new generation for the development of comic (or perhaps serious?) Space programs and the subsequent creation of rockets for interstellar travel, where the various laws of real-world physics are closely intertwined with the forms and characteristics of the ships and rockets you created, and also with unpredictable weather phenomena, constantly interfering your astronauts to reach the upper layers of the atmosphere. Add to the foregoing funny and at times unpredictable behavior of your little astronauts and in the end get a stunning and original simulator-sandbox!
Each researcher of the cosmos has its own unique behavior, reaction to various irritants and dangers, as well as an irresistible desire to get out as quickly as possible into the mysterious space towards new adventures. With this, they completely neglect the simple safety techniques on the interplanetary rocket ... And what all this can lead to - see for yourself!

Sandbox with full freedom of action or mode of adventure?

Create in one of two special game modes: either in sandbox mode, or in an incredible and exciting adventure mode. In the sandbox mode, you are absolutely unlimited: create a unique space program, build and improve the buildings of the space center and the center for studying fascinating physical phenomena, hire workers, builders and scientists. Create unique and unlike models of interplanetary rockets and launch them into production. And then - try to bring your ship into a planetary orbit and start exploring outer space! But will you succeed, because the very laws of physics and nature will be against you!

In the adventure mode, you will be given a choice of several ready-made rockets, one of which your little astronauts should leave the expanses of their native planet and start adventures in the vast outer space. Study the fields of asteroids, try to overtake the comet, travel from one new and mysterious planet to another and just enjoy the incredibly exciting sandbox simulators in the open space!
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