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Anna Ghost Curse is the story of curse that apply on a kid.
This has been happened for centuries and she never let go.
Fate of the boy is keep on repeating from life to next life.
This is so cruel and sad to hear it but he has no option.
He has to find best way to end this curse and perish Anna.
Otherwise he will facing this cycle forever and never end.

Anna is a doll full with curse and power in it for long time.
She become very strong and hard to defeat by any human now.
Only the pure and grace heart person and destroy her forever.
This makes the task so difficult because mankind is selfish.
Hard to find someone willing to scarify themselves for others.
Play this Anna Ghost Curse to realize we should be kind always.

Many people love to watch horror movie because the excitement.
They like to hear ghost story as well even they afraid of it.
This is why horror movie and ghost story get high attention.
Where are the places that you might meet some horror object?
Some people claim it could be at horror hospital or school.
Now let's challenge yourself with this Anna Ghost Curse game.

Anna Ghost Curse Game Play
★ Destroy Every Anna Image
★ Protect Kid
★ Unlock All Levels

If you do nothing wrong you have nothing to worry in your life.
Only if you did something wrong then you might feel afraid them.
Now it si time to test your brave level and how strong you are.
Let's start the horror scary journey with Anna Ghost Curse now.
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