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Ants a family of insects of the superfamily of ant detachment of Hymenoptera. They are social insects that form 3 castes females males and working individuals. Females and males are winged working individuals wingless. Antennae geniculate in females and 11-12 working individuals segmented in males 12-13-segmented a number of species 10-segmented. The main antennal segment is usually much longer than the others. Rear Front chest represents the first segment of the abdomen merged with metathorax. Actually abdomen joins epinotumu stalk formed by the first or second segments. In some ant subfamilies has developed a sting.

Ants live in the nests of families called anthills that suit the soil wood under stones Some are building nests from small vegetable particles. There are parasitic species that live in the nests of others formic slave owners containing in their nests slaves of other species. A number of species adapted to living in human habitations. Some species are valued for the regulation of the number of insect pests others can be considered pests.

They feed mainly on plant juice honeydew of aphids and other sucking insects in feeding larvae mostly insects. There are also species that feed on seeds and cultivated mushrooms.

Distributed throughout the world except Antarctica and some remote islands forming 10-25% of the earth's biomass land animals. Ants success in many habitats due to their social organization and the ability to alter the habitat and use a variety of resources.

One of the first researchers who in his scientific papers described the social life an entomologist Erich Wasmann who is also one of the founders of myrmecology.

Most evolutionarily advanced family of insects in terms of ethology ecology and physiology. Their families are complex social groups with division of labor and development of system of communication and self-organization allowing individuals to coordinate their actions in the performance of tasks that can not afford a single individual. Some species of ants have developed the language and are able to transmit complex information. In addition, many species of ants maintain highly symbiotic relationships with other insects fungi bacteria and plants.

The advantages provided by cooperation of the ants, led to the fact that they are the dominant arthropods largest group to date. Thus, in one square kilometers savannah in Ivory Coast resides almost 2 billion individuals ants forming approximately 740 thousands of colonies. Together with termites ants make up a third of the total biomass of terrestrial animals in the rainforest basin of the Amazon. Thus, with an average population density of 800 million termites are in the amount of weigh only half as much as all other land animals of the rain forest. In areas with a temperate climate they are fewer. On the area of 8 square kilometers in Florida found 76 species of 30 genera and on the area of 5.5 square kilometers.

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