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Sudoku is a puzzle of logic, problem solving and spotting patterns – it's a true "brain puzzle" that helps stimulate people's cognitive abilities and gives the satisfaction of accomplishing a difficult puzzle.

Cognitive psychologists and neuroscientists have found that memory starts to decline as early as your 20s. Meaning that, despite your collegiate environment, many of you are probably already starting to slip. The upside? According to research done at Trinity College in Dublin, mental stimulation over puzzles like crosswords and Sudoku's can help ward off decline in brain function.

The University of Edinburgh in the UK has done similar research regarding the benefits of puzzles like Sudoku. They have found that Sudoku can trigger "survival genes" in the brain that normally lay dormant. They report, "These survival genes make brain cells live longer and resist disease, strokes, and the effects of drugs."

Similarly, Oxford University has also been doing Sudoku research. They've found that brainteasers like Sudoku can help generate new brain cells, stating, "It used to be thought that the brain only lost brain cells with age, but there is evidence now that you can acquire new cells throughout your life if you continue to stimulate the brain."

Just like physical exercise, your mind need some exercise too. solving Sudoku actually exercises your brain extensively.
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