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 AR Geo Camera - GeoEye Lite (Unreleased)

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“A picture says more than a thousand words” but many questions remain open. For example, what is the name of the strange sight on your holiday photo, or how far away is the striking rock formation on the opposite mountain through your camera viewfinder? Answers provides the new GeoEye Lite app. Simply select the desired geographical place in the built-in OpenStreetMap (OSM) and the information will appear in the camera viewfinder via Augmented Reality (AR).

GeoEye Lite
GeoEye Lite is a multifunction camera for android together with a precision gyroscope-magnetometer compass, 2 axis inclinometer, 3D-GPS receiver, precision altimeter, precision magnetic-disturbance meter, OpenStreetMap (OSM) with elevation lines and much more. This combination makes GeoEye Lite indispensable by discovering your environment during outdoor activities such as hiking, ski touring, skiing, boating, flying, sightseeing, navigation, hunting, during forestry work, for surveyors, geologists, architects, engineers, military staff and search and rescue workers around the world.

GeoPhoto ©
With GeoEye Lite you can create geotagged photos directly from the app with any zoom factor and resolution supported by fast buffered storage. In addition to the geographic coordinates the photo also stores visualy the date, time, compass, horizon and elevation angle, GPS horizontal accuracy, angle of view of the camera, magnetic disturbance field and satellite informations.

GeoPlace ©
With our unique GeoPlaces, you can select any place on the map and then view it live per Augmented Reality (AR) in the camera viewfinder or on your GeoPhoto. In addition to the absolute position, the distance and the relative azimuth and elevation angles to the selected GeoPlace are displayed.

GeoRadar ©
With our unique GeoRadar you can target with the crosshair any place through the camera viewfinder and determine the distance, altitude, latitude, longitude, azimuth and elevation data. As a special feature the underlying height profile to the target is displayed as a diagram.

These powerful and unique highlights are particularly suitable for locating known / unknown geographical places, carrying out geographic surveys, locating and orientation reporting of forest fires, accident investigations, tactical monitoring and much more.

GeoAssistant ©
The GeoAssistant collects all geo-, sensor-, calibration-, orientation and position-relevant data and clearly prepares them via sensorfusion. If necessary, it informs about the problems that have arisen and offers solutions. This ensures the maximum precision of the Augmented Reality (AR) content for the respective application.

OpenStreetMap (OSM)
To view your current geographic location with outdoor topographic contours (elevation lines), roads, hiking trails, markers and much more switch to the built-in OpenStreetMap (OSM) view. For any detail accuracy you have 11 different zoom levels available. A visual funnel at your geographic location shows you the current content of the camera depending on the built-in precision gyroscope-magnetometer compass. So you know what is currently visible through your camera.

GeoEye Lite defines Geo Augmented Reality (AR) new. The app uses new technologies and extends the variety of Android app development. GeoEye Lite is programmed in C ++ and optimized for speed and low power consumption, despite demanding performance requirements. For maximum accuracy in position and orientation determination, modern and innovative filter algorithms are used for signal processing.

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