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There were days when one has to purchase multiple books and practice from the limited number of questions to improve arithmetic skills. With this application, identify your weak area, practice as many questions as you want on your device, in your native language and number format, improve your arithmetic skills and get ready for competitive examinations.

1. Get Ready for Competitive Examinations – This application makes you prepared for the competitive examinations where a correct answer has to be picked among a number of choices. And the application is smart enough to understand that there is no set pattern of answer choices, so, be ready to do all the hard work in order to arrive at the correct answer.

2. Sharpen Your Arithmetic Skills – This application lets you practice arithmetic calculations. Practice as many questions as you want and as many times as you want and sharpen your arithmetic skills.

3. Increase Speed of Your Arithmetic Calculations – What is the speed at which you can solve arithmetic challenges? And as you keep solving the challenges, how will you keep a track whether your speed is on the rise? With the timer available in the application, always be on the top of the speed of your arithmetic calculations.

4. Improve Your Weak Area – What if you have identified division by a decimal number as your weak area and you want to improve there? With this application, narrow down your choices to the type of number and arithmetic operation and start practicing.

5. Practice in Your Native Language and Format – Language and format of numbers should not be the barrier if you decide to improve your arithmetic skills. This application supports more than 100 languages and number format and lets you practice in the language and number format of your choice.

6. Optimized Experience for Mobiles and Tablets – Whether you have tablet or mobile phone of different sizes and resolutions or you want to use the application in portrait or landscape mode, the application is optimized for all devices of different varieties to give the users best-in-class experience.
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