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 Army Convoy Strike: Black Operations 1.2

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Welcome to the army convoy attack game. Your neighbor country has waged a war on your country. Our rivals have been planning this attack for 3 years and they have been feeding their armies of our general war tactics by hacking into our systems. So the enemy is well prepared and will be using all that it has to bring us down and rule our land.
This is your time to decide. It’s either lost with remorse or dies with honor. It is time you put forward your commando combat skills in this war action simulator. The enemy is well prepared so we don’t have much need for an army but we need a one man army. That’s you commando and now you are a part of black operations against army convoy strike. Do what you have done to make this country see more of its glory days and thank you for every sun they see coming up.
The enemy is a furious country with a huge army of many generals and intelligent commandos. Their army is strong and well prepared. They have out maneuvered us in battle tactics. They will attack you by any means necessary from any means necessary. They’ll attack you from both air and land. The Intel we have suggests that enemy will have a huge number of army convoys, many tanks, trucks and helicopters. They will take us down in days if we don’t act fast.
In Army convoy strike black operation game, you are alone in command and you have to strike the enemy where it hurts a lot. You are being equipped with a furious tank to take down multiple enemies at once. Use missiles and machine guns equipped with your battle machines. Drive a jeep to take down enemies scattered around your city. Chase the enemy out of your city. Use the machine gun convoy crush mode. In this special mode, you get to crush the enemy convoy that is heading towards your city. Take down each wave of enemy after another using a very powerful machine gun equipped for you to use. Use massive firepower and enjoy groundbreaking simulation of armed attack forces. Have your enemy’s force bow down to your command. Stop, delay and kill the enemy until your armed force is ready to back you up.
Remember the enemy will do whatever it can to take you down. They will use missile, bullets and machine guns to take you out. Use stealth and utilize any means of staying alive. Use your one man army tactics and crush the enemy convoy.
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