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 Army Sniper Shooter Assassin Killer 3D Elite Game 3.6

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Download Now for Free the best ever FPS Shooting Game, Invade Enemy Lands and Military Bases. Trap the enemy force in ambush and make them hostage, perform Rescue Mission, Search Operation & Surgical Strike against Terrorists, Criminals, Gangsters and Mobsters.

Army Sniper Shooter Assassin Killer 3D Elite Game is a Mission Based FPS Arcade Shooting Game where the user has to perform various offensive and defensive missions. Lead the Army Force into battlefield Combat like a courageous Frontline Sniper Shooter. The user has to react according to the situation in multiple missions, whether it’s a Hostage Rescue Mission or Surveillance Mission, there are multiple mission where the user will invade enemy lands and military bases in which the user is supposed to destroy military settlements and logistics. Destroy the enemy Defense Lines as the leading Sniper Commando hit the targets with precision, take higher points like Mountain as you may take the responsibility of Professional Mountain Sniper.

Capture the Military Settlements and use them in the war:

• Gunship.
• Machine gun.
• Aircraft.
• Tank.
• Radar.
• Naval Carrier.
• Ships.
• Military Jeeps.
• Army Vans.
• Trucks.

Trap the enemy force in an ambush as you may hit the military convoy and destroy all weapons that are supposed to be delivered by that convoy. Travel along the force and invade Military Bases in the Dessert of Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Middle East and hit the guards so your force may enter the Base Camps without any major disturbance so take the role of Dessert Sniper. User has to be smart, quick and efficient with the attack as any mistake may lead into failure.

Grab your ammo bag and use multiple items in the war:

• Guns.
• Bombs.
• Grenades.
• Pistol.
• Dagger/Knife.
• Armor.
• Missile Launcher.
• Rocket Launcher.
• Medical Kit.

Take the role of Professional City Sniper Hitman at eliminate the threats. Join the famous military companies like ALPHA, BRAVO, CHARLIE and Delta Force Company get the honor to win army cross and gain the respect of whole country. Use Assassin and Camouflage techniques to launch the attack as the game gets intense user has to react accordingly. Assist the Police Force in multiple operations like Surgical Strike and Search Operations as a Cop Sniper. The game is mainly inspired from Classic Warfare’s of World War 1 and World War 2 as the user gets the chance to experience what actually happened in booth of these wars.

• High Resolution display supported.
• Efficient Processing with maximum rate of FPS.
• Accurate controls.
• Smooth and easy handling of sniper.
• Accurate sniper scope, HUD and Magazine.
• Detailed storyline and characterization.
• Best firearms and snipers from all over the world.
• Variety of maps to perform missions.
• Dynamic camera angles.
• Multiple camera view.
• Free download.
• No In app purchase.
• Chance to play for terrorist and anti-terrorist armies.
• Use unlimited ammo.
• Highly simulated sound effects (SFX).
• Specially designed visual effects (VFX).
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