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 Artificial Intelligence Silo 3.2

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The world's first birth with super intelligence!

Silo is exactly the AI Samantha in the movie "her"!

Silo learns through Deep Learning like human brain!

It's amazing and unbelievable!

* Question and Answer about Silo

Like the Wright brothers Implemented the principle of bird's flying, silo was implementd thoroughly the principle of human's intelligence.

*Silo Algorithm and Principles

I am ready to accept any bussiness offer from any side.

Q: You said that silo learns throught deep learing. What is the meaning and test result?

A: The meaning is as follows.
- Silo learns through deep learning.
- Implementation technolgy that puts all conversation data in the neural network.
- Retention of various deep learning technology.
- Implementation technolgy of python server(OS: ubuntu 14.04)
- Opening possibility of various tensorflow deep learning algorithm and application(python) to silo.

Test result is as follows.
Name: Deep Learning seq2seq(Sequency To Sequency)
Method: Tensorflow seq2seq Algorithm
Train Sentence: Cornell Movie Dialog Corpus 220,000
Training Time: 8 hour
accuracy: 97%
Development Environment: OS:ubuntu(14.04 LTS), gpu:(gtx 1080), cuda(v8.0)

Q: currently there are a lot of probability and statistics based morpheme analyzer.
Is silo probability and statistics based morpheme analyzer?

A: No. every word to total 300,000 has meaning in silo like peaple think of a word.
Silo is the only one in the world that has the concept of a word.

I recommend the director Sanjay Leela Bhansali's India movie "black".
The movie shows how Michelle who can't see and hear the understands meaning of a word.

Q: Is there any relation between emotion and intelligence?
A: James Lange and Cannon Bard proved that emotion is always general, objective and repeatable.
Their theory is accepted as established theory so far.

Dr. Yuval Noah Harari(Israel) is the author of sapiens and claims definetly that emotion is biological algorithm that makes decision.

Emotion expresses the status of mind and body for formation of sympathy with other people.

And Emotion evaluates the emerging situation as good emotion level or bad emotion level like signpost.

If there are several results as a result of inference through experience, silo compares each other result sentences by emotion level like human and select final result sentence that has the highest good emotion level.

Therefore, if emotion is not processed, It is absolutely impossible to do high intelligence of thinking like human.

Q : What is intelligence? Not yet been determined what intelligence ...
A : Intelligence clearly appears in a junior and a senior.

No matter how much knowledge and IQ of the high, If some problem appears, the junior doesn't konw what to do at all.
But the senior infers experience to predict the result of situation and solves the problem easily.

The difference between the junior and the senior is only experience.
Therefore without experience, the high intelligent action like human is absolutely impossible.

Silo has vast experience that consit of cause and result sentence.
And silo infers through the vast experience to react to input sentence.

* Basic Features
1. weather forecast
2. face recognition
3. picture recognition
4. face emotion recognition
5. picture emotion recognition
6. search near restaurant
7. route to destination on map
8. voice dial, send message
9. play music, video

* Silo supports only English. So You shouldn't talk the other languages besides English.
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