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 Asakura vs the devil witch 1.0

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Asakura vs the devil witch is considered as one of the best games out there. It is a great adventure in the gloomy night at the jungle. Don’t judge a book by its cove. You need to try it before you can tell if it is easy or hard to complete. Your mission it to help king shaman to fight against the dark witch named alucard. Make sure to not fall inside the deep ocean named, or it is a game over. Make sure to warm up your fingers because you will need them to draw and jump like a real ninja. Are you sure you can finish this game? Then show us what you can do.
The big witch alucard won’t let our shaman king to run away with the treasure he found, I mean the sword named light yogami. This sword is holding a big power that can destroy one country in seconds. It sounds great.
Features of yoh Asakura vs the devil witch:
1- Easy to play but difficult to master.
2- Nice character that you will love.
3- Great background and sound.
4- A challenging game that will challenge your skills.
5- Lot of levels and challenges that will amuse you.
So what are you still waiting for to take our hero to the safety? The king shaman is waiting for your help to escape from the witch alucard, and keep the sword light yogami in safe hands. Get ready to challenge yourself and your friends with this game of run and jump.
Notice: We want to take this opportunity to let you know that we are not responsible of any kind of misleading between our game character and any other. And we have nothing to do with asakura yoh the cartoon. Our character is made by our friend. Ready to run and jump ??
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