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"Fast, frantic, frenetic fumb-flipping fun for free!" - Destroy the incoming asteroids, in glorious 3D !-)

[Insert Fictional Story Here?]
"So, during what should have been a routine jump from one forgettable system to another, trafficking the usual ten thousand tons of Space-Weevil-infested Arcturan mega-weed, you find your hyper-drive blowing chunks into another dimension, technically-speaking, jerking you from the smooth path of hyper-space, and spitting you out into some unknown binary star-system from hell. And wouldn't you know it, your damaged ship is slap-bang in the middle of a deadly asteroid belt ... "

Caught between lots of rocks and two hot places!

[Pay Homage To One's Inspiration, Via A Quote, Here!]
"Lookout, it's a giant asteroid boulder and it's headed straight for the Cosmic Spacecraft, man!"
"Poxy Resin?"
"Pesky Boulders!"

Ergo, it's tilt your device (left and right) to turn your ship, or a quick up and down to flip your ship, and target the highest-threat asteroid, that which will hit your ship first. You have not one, but two fire buttons to unleash laser-hell against the constantly incoming chunks of deadly space rock. Big rocks break into medium rocks, which break into small rocks, which break into harmless space dust.

Your ship's computer will identify the asteroid of highest threat, that which will hit you first, and target it. On the external view, the target appears to the left or right, whichever would be the quickest direction to turn to intercept it. If you are facing near enough towards the target asteroid, or any other target, then the view becomes internal. You can fire at any asteroid in either view, if you are adequately facing it.

As well as your two fire buttons, you also have your weapons: retro-rockets, shields (green), gravity wave (blue), and energy bomb (yellow). Thus, the sound effects: you have a constantly-beeping radar (faster beeps the closer the target asteroid is), a single tone when an asteroid is targeted in the internal view, and a double tone when a new target asteroid has been selected.

A very reasonably priced (£0.59) upgrade version is also purchasable, to which features are being added on a(n almost) daily basis. These already include power-up weapons (see below), and occasional passing UFOs (after Wave Three). If you engage a UFO, you might also see incoming missiles !-)

Soon ... bonus rounds, eg: a side-scrolling shooter (thank you, user-suggestions always welcome!) which will represent travelling down a wormhole - expect surreal scenery! Please feel free to purchase early, to guarantee you get the updates as they become available. I have a long list of things I want to do yet, but currently its get the game running, then polish things later if enough people sponsor it !-)

Think of it as a mild form of crowd-funding ?-)

Also, some useful info about scoring and weapons:

Hit Any Asteroid/UFO: 1 point
Destroy Big Asteroid: 50 points
Destroy Medium Asteroid: 100 points
Destroy Small Asteroid: 200 points
Destroy UFO: 1000 points

A random weapon is awarded for every 5000 points, except upon every 20000 points, when a new ship is awarded instead.

Thus, upgrade features, available if you purchase the game, please:

DONE: retro-rockets, energy-bomb, shield-generator, gravity-wave, wormhole weapons!

And, if you like the game, please share this and/or tell your friends ?-)

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