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Train with the mobile trainer AtletIQ to develop strength, pump up muscles, and gain mass. Become sturdier and burn excess fat off your body.

🚀 AtletIQ is a training system for men and women, where athletes and coaches are united in a social network. Trainers create training programs, and athletes perform them and earn points. The harder the training, the more points the athlete will earn and more quickly the closed bonus programs will be opened

The application will give you precise instructions: how, how many times, with what weight and at what pace to perform exercises. After each approach, you evaluate the intensity of performed exercise so that the application adjusts the training plan personally for you. Finish your workout and share your success with your friends in the Virtual Gym!

👉 How it works:

1. The trainer creates a training program taking into account many parameters.
2. An athlete chooses a program for his or her purpose.
3. The application gives precise instructions and controls the performance of training.

👉 How to start training in the gym?

1. Install the AtletIQ application and register the account.
2. In the "Training programs" menu, indicate your training goal and activate the program.
3. In the "Help" menu, review the video instruction and start training.

👉 Do not know which training program to choose?

1. Go to the "Coach Services"
2. Choose a fitness or bodybuilding trainer and send an application for Free Advice.

👉 How does AtletIQ differ from other fitness and bodybuilding applications?

1. A powerful professional designer of training programs at the heart of the service.
2. Motivational Game Platform - go through all levels from "Beginner" to "Profi"!
3. The most precise instructions for each workout: what working weight to use, how, how many times, and at what pace to do the exercise, as well as how long to rest between approaches.
4. Virtual Gym - share your success with your friends!

📌 So, AtletIQ is not just another toy application for push-ups or pull-ups. AtletIQ is a real training complex for those who want to make sports a part of their lifestyle!

In the "Trainers services" section, you can arrange personal training programs for any goal. All of our experts have vast experience developing personal training programs. This experience, all their knowledge, the authors use when creating programs for bodybuilding and fitness. Now your "mobile trainer" will always be at your fingertips!

A full-fledged alternative to the training diary - all your progress is saved automatically. Your results during training are processed and used to adjust the load in subsequent approaches. So you get the load accurately planned by the program author. And it does not matter where you do the workout - in the gym or at home.

An interactive timer will guide you through the training and will not allow you to deviate from the intended plan.

To gain lean mass or to bring up lagging muscles? Correct the figure or develop strength? All this is possible with AtletIQ! More than 60 ready-made training programs for strength, mass gain, relief, and endurance development.

AtletIQ is suitable for training in the gym, at home, on the street or in the office. The training program designer allows you to create not only strength training, but also high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Whatever you are looking for in a training program, AtletIQ is here to help you achieve your goal.
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