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Ever since social networks like Twitter became popular, people have gone noticeably crazy in treating these platforms like their diaries. Becoming a society obsessed with posting the inner workings of their complex minds and unrelenting Selfies (# sorrynotsorry) throughout their waking hours. Some people even going as far as Sleep-Tweeting. Yes, it’s a real thing. Probably.

In this constant deluge of thought processes, links to articles/videos, and pictures of cats, your posts - which are funnier, wittier and undoubtedly better written than everyone else's, obviously- are getting lost in the masses. Which is not exactly instrumental in your mission to get your opinion/witty reflection heard by people other than the ones in your head.

If you don’t make a point to stand out then eventually you’ll find yourself in the cyber wasteland, where the only acknowledgment your posts get is that from that strange person you met once and, who has since been all over anything you put online.

To avoid this dismal, and frankly disturbing, social networking future that potentially awaits you, my recommendation is to firstly delete that person. Seriously, no acknowledgement is better than the kind of acknowledgement that might end with you in an ice filled bathtub, minus a kidney.
Secondly, you should take a look at the snazzy new app, Audio Tweets, from Audibase.
Audio Tweets is to apps what a natural-looking girl in a sea of orange faced make-up addicts is to real life - beautiful in its simplicity.

It’s an app that allows you to get an edge online by embedding audio files into your tweets, which, might sound complicated, but is done in three really simple steps.
Record- anything you want via your Iphone or Ipad. Like Audibase, you can make a recording that is at least two hours long using the Audio Tweet app.
Save- all recordings are saved to the app, so if you record something particularly wonderful it’s always there for you.
Share- select the person you want to tweet this to, personalise it by adding a photo if you like, and hit send.
Voila, you just sent an audio embedded tweet to the lucky recipient of your most wonderful inner musings.

Of course, with a recording time of two hours plus, you really aren’t limited to just posting a narration of your inner monologue. Audio Tweets can be used for anything, from posting a recording of a set by that band you love, to sending your friend a recording of the lecture they were too ill- aka, not done the essay/reading for- to attend.
Search ‘useful’ in the dictionary and there’ll be a picture of Audio Tweet next to it.

You won’t even need an Audibase account when you first start using the Audio Tweet app, although a message will pop up eventually, asking you to sign up/in. Which you should definetly do as Audibase is both free and simple to sign up to, and just as useful as Audio Tweet, check it out at .

For whatever use you find for the app, be it practical or nonsensical, Audio Tweets is the perfect way to make sure you get noticed on Twitter. And let’s face it, minimalism might be cool in interior design, but most of the time we have more to say than what can fit into a hundred and forty characters.
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