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 Auto Forward SMS to another number & email 4.0

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Auto-forward your incoming SMS to another number and/or your email address

- Ensure Forward To number is formatted correctly. If you're sending within your country you may NOT need your country code.

If fwding overseas you will likely need country code and may need +.

We are happy to help you test. Just text us on +61418384394 or email

- App cannot fwd MMS .
If app suddenly stops fwding or is erratic, check incoming SMS is not an MMS . We are hoping to include MMS fwding soon.

- SMS can be unreliable, so we recommend also putting an email address to fwd SMS to, as a backup.

- Ensure your Default text messaging app is your phone's default (not What's App etc)
- Ensure no security/spam blocks on either phones
- Ensure Restrict Background Data or Battery Saver setting is not interfering with app

- With Keyword filter, make sure it's the correct words and you're not accidentally blocking SMS (test with/without keywords).

- For the app to work your phone must be on and able to receive/send SMS

Auto Forward SMS is a text forwarding app which can:

★ Auto fwd ALL incoming SMS from Phone 1 to Phone 2
(e.g. your old phone to new phone, or personal phone to work phone)

★ Forward ALL incoming SMS to an EMAIL address

★ Toggle ON/OFF. No need to uninstall app when you don't need it

★ Original sender's number is appended to the forwarded SMS (to Phone 2 & email)

★ Warn you when your Phone 1 battery is low (via email and SMS)

★ PLUS Create Tasks to ONLY FWD SMS from certain numbers to selected Contacts & Groups

※ Can not fwd Images or MMS (may have this feature soon)
※ Can not fwd calls
※ Can not spy on another phone
※ Can not get SMS from another person's phone
※ Can not fwd What'sApp or FB messenger or telegram

★ View all received and forwarded SMS in your phone's DEFAULT Messaging where you normally view/send SMS from
★ Install Auto Forward SMS on the Android phone you need to forward SMS FROM
★ Receiving phones do not need AFSMS installed and can be any phone type (eg iPhone)
★ Developed by SMS Response Australia. Reputable company in business for 16+ years

With Fwd To Email, the app contacts our server to access the API which 'translates' the SMS into an email. The fwded email will be FROM We do not collect information from your SMS.

- Power phone off/on. If you rarely turn your phone off this has fixed issues for many customers!
- Phones are switched on and able to send/receive SMS
- Forward-to number is formatted correctly ..... for fwding overseas test with or without country code or +

If you get SMS that are from a word SenderID, example MD-BANK or MYBANK, the app can handle these. Just Create Task and add the Sender ID as the From Phone Number box. Do not add keywords unless you need to filter.

Please contact us before you uninstall, as we can usually fix problems. We offer you free support and will answer you promptly.

Feature requests or suggestions are always welcome :)

Please email us and/or send a screenshot to:
※ or +61418384394
※ FAQ page:
※ LIVE CHAT (Aus time 9am-6pm):

We're confident the app does what it says (and we test it often). But there is no 100% guarantee that your Contacts will get a fwded SMS from your phone via this app. Delivery relies on factors beyond our control, such as your telco's reliability, a phone being on and in a good reception area, your recipients' phones switched off /out of range, plus any software errors which may cause the app not to work. NEVER use the app as the only or "first response" in any critical situation. Buying the app means you acknowledge and agree with this statement. Please see TERMS on our website.
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