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The Average Fuel application, allows you to launch the data in time to supply the vehicle and from the second time supply begins to generate the middle of the vehicle and generates statistics to help manage your spending.

Great for those who like to have control over your spending.

Application features:

Refueling allows bid values ​​supplied to feed the data needed for the app.
Overview briefly shows the total values ​​Expenses, Liters Consumed and Mileage performed.
Reports, where there are several reports that help you to view and control their spending.
Graphics, where you can see in the form of the registered data charts.
It allows you to delete or edit a historical item if you have registered wrong.
Sorts history km order for easy viewing.

Simply enter the data at the time it is supply, it allows you to view the average km / liter general on the home screen, considers all times that supplied and the more shows to record more accurately;
Allows you to access the summary of the amounts spent on fuel, rotated km and gallons added the option to summarize values;
properly control fuel expenses;

Alcohol or gasoline
For hybrid cars, allows you to calculate whether it is better fill up with gasoline or alcohol only informing the value of each of the day. In general it is more economical, the fuel point of view, supply the vehicle with alcohol when the price per liter is less than 70% of gasoline. This is the calculation made in this routine enabling the most appropriate choice.

other features
* Calculate the amount of liters automatically by the supplied value, and l value;
* Symbols to facilitate the identification of values ​​in the description;
* Best graphics and form validations;
* You can calculate the average fuel accurate reporting as has the tank and how many km ran with the car;
* Enables you to record supplied to select which type of fuel is being supplied (Common Gas, Gasoline Aditivada, alcohol or oil).
* Added indicator of spending a month in liters and real, to assist in financial control.
* Save the station name that supplied along with the coordinates, to compare gas stations;
* Show that the gas station is cheaper supply;
* Allows control over a car.
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