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Azeemi Urdu Qaida is a beautifully designed educational application for Kids specially preschoolers for learning Urdu through innovative activities and games.
This absolutely free interactive educational application uses sounds and pictures to memorize the Urdu alphabets Alif Bay Pay, sounds help in learning pronunciation of letters whereas pictures help kids to recognition of urdu letters.

Age Group:
This application is suitable for kids from 3 to 7 years of age, who are in the pre-nursery and kindergarten classes.

- Complete Urdu alphabets (Huroof-e-tahajji)
- PRONUNCIATION of Urdu alphabet from Alif to Yay
- Objects with name and pictures against each alphabet with sound
- Urdu alphabets sounds and phonics with little description for kids to understand about the letter
- Learn the shape of each Urdu alphabet
- Interesting games which makes learning Urdu alphabet more interesting
- Colorful graphics for more kid’s interactions
- Sounds and relevant instructions in Urdu to guide user navigate throughout the application
- Sounds of each letter from Alif to Yay
- Sounds can be played again and again
- Colorful theme to make child stick to the app

Azeemi Urdu Qaida for Kids helps you to teach Kids:

- Urdu Alphabets
- Urdu Letters Recognition
- Urdu Letters Pronunciation
- Learn to Speak Urdu Alphabets
- Learn to Read Urdu Alphabets

Azeemi Urdu Qaida contains 5 activities for Urdu learning in a fun & interactive way.
1. The first activity, Urdu Qaida, include flash cards with voiceover which allows children to learn Urdu Alphabet ( Huroof-e-Tahajji)
2. Harf Pehchanein ( Selecting Right Huroof –e- Tahajji ) : let children identify Urdu Huroof Tahajji and select correct option from 4 given choices.
3. Lafz Pehchanein( Selecting Right Words ): this activity allow children to identify different urdu words and select the correct related images from 4 given options
4. Tasweer pehchanein ( Selecting Right Pictures ) let children identify images and select the correct alphabets ( Huroof-e-Tahajji ) option from 4 given choices.
5. Tasweer ko Harf sy milain (Drag and Align Alphabets with related images): this matching Game is the best interactive game for children to learn reading by matching images with correct words .
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