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A healthy life begins with healthy baby food. Nuttri helps parents to discover the healthiest baby foods recipes for each age and stage of growth. Nuttri also tracks your baby’s nutrition and weaning progress off breastfeeding based on the latest research.

Create personalized baby food lists and meal plans. Explore which ingredients to buy and baby food recipes based on your baby’s needs and stages of weaning. Identify the most common allergens, the best seasonal foods, and when to choose organic. Nuttri is helpful to bring on grocery store visits with its simple buying guide and baby food recipe. Keep personalized notes in a food journal of your baby’s likes and dislikes, and favorite baby food recipes. Nuttri keeps you informed and ensures parenting and feeding your baby will be fun, safe, and easy!

★ Search - Over 60 natural ingredients and baby food recipes to prepare (vegetables and fruit, grain, dairy, protein rich food) for your baby’s optimum nutrition and long-term health benefits.

★ Learn - Key nutrient information and useful buying tips for your grocery visits. Find out what is in season, low in pesticides, and common allergens. Each ingredient comes with a simple baby food recipe.

★ Track - Create lists of new baby foods to try. Keep track of what your baby likes or refuses. Set your baby on the right track while weaning off of breastmilk or formula. Create a watchlist to manage your baby’s food allergies and sensitivities.

★ Plan - Record upcoming meal plans, what your baby eats, and weaning from breastfeeding with Nuttri’s meal plan calendar.

Feeding your baby a variety of natural food helps with:
- Obesity prevention: Eating a variety of foods, especially vegetables and fruit, helps babies develop a healthier and diverse diet for long-term health benefits.

- Allergy prevention: Exposing babies to a variety of natural food ingredients can help to reduce any chance of developing food allergies.

- Motor skills and soft skills: Babies develop motor skills and senses, as well as social and language skills, through exploring the various textures and flavors of foods.

- Saving money: Homemade and natural baby food is a much healthier and more inexpensive.

Your Baby’s Nutritional Needs Met
Your baby’s nutritional needs differ from adults. Get to know more about the key nutritional values of foods that will support your baby’s development.

Keep Track of What Your Baby Eats
Using the baby food planner, make a Trylist for your next grocery store visit. Create a Watchlist of foods that your baby has reacted to, and easily keep track of food allergies and sensitivities.

Design Colorful Meal Plans
Use the calendar to design meal plans while weaning from breastfeeding or formula. The ingredients listed are bright and color-coded to easily mix and match food groups (vegetables and fruit, grain, dairy, meat and alternatives) ensuring a balanced diet.

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