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Ultimately, when baby does begin to walk regularly, he will need baby shoes for the same reasons we need shoes: for protection. Chances are he won't spend his days at home on a carpeted floor with no obstructions. Babies like to toddle around outside, supervised of course, but constantly exploring their new surroundings. Walking down the sidewalk or on a path through the woods on soft, bare feet would be ludicrous with all the baby shoes available.
Right now the best shoes for your baby are no shoes at all, but what to choose! We are naturally eager to buy those baby shoes even before your baby is on his feet. There is always a little preparation required! Many parents decide to wait upon more time their baby to strut in their first booties.
Numerous types of shoes are on the market, but which ones are the best for supporting new walker? The American Academy of Paediatrics says children learn to walk by gripping their toes on the ground, so you could follow some easy tips while choosing the right shoes for your baby.
• Choosing the right size, comfort and flexibility of the shoes becomes main criteria for selection.
• Shoes should be of exact fit.
• Weather conditions should also be borne in mind. Sandals, slip-on or open toed shoes for summer,
may help your baby’s feet breathe.
• The shoes soles should be non slippery and not necessarily thick as they would not be doing intensive walking.

You can easily find free crocheted baby booties patterns on the internet for everything from blankets and hats to scarves and various items of adult, child and baby clothing. These patterns will tell you all you need to know about what type of yarn to use, what size hook to use and how to check things such as the gauge of your own stitching to ensure that everything comes out the size that is depicted in the pattern. You will find that even the crocheted baby booties will come in various sizes to accommodate tiny growing feet. Although, crochet baby shoes also many available on the internet but in this application you can find many baby booties crochet designs. So you must download no and make a gift for your baby!

Crochet baby booties are one of the cutest handmade products! All baby booties are pretty cute, of course, but there’s just something really special about the work and care that goes into the handcrafting of crochet baby booties. Whether you make them yourself or buy them from someone who crochets this is definitely something you’ll want to have for your own baby (or give as a gift to someone with a new baby in the family)

* Get free crochet patterns and inspiration on crochet stitches.
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Soft soled baby shoes are the best choice in footwear for your little one. They promote the healthy development of growing feet, freedom of movement and allow the foot to flex, while still offering a protective, comfortable layer. A suede sole is skid-resistant, while the leather is flexible, soft and breathable.

Baby shoes should be lightweight, flexible and shaped more or less like the foot itself. Softness and flexibility are ideal with a soft, rounded heel, similar to the fatty pad of a bare foot, and a toe area that is wide and easy to bend. Above all, the shoe should not have any arch inserts or stiff sides once thought necessary to lend the foot support.
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