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 Baleful Bear Pizzeria 1.1

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In this frightening atmospheric game you have to act as a guard in a popular pizzeria, the main talisman of which is a cheerful robotic bear, entertaining visitors. But recently the pizza mascot behaves strangely and sometimes gives out malfunctions that can threaten the safety of freddy fazbear customers. Actually, that's why you were hired - you must watch the eerie bear day and night, being ready to protect visitors and yourself. The owners of the restaurant do not want to disconnect the teddy bear - it brings too much profit. But they do not yet know what horrors the mechanical brain of the electronic bear carries ...

In the daytime, everything, as a rule, goes well. But at night, really evil things begin to happen. Your observation post on the night shift is an office with monitors on which the main hall of the pizzeria is displayed. You should watch closely the ill-starred bear, which at any second can turn on and begin to stumble around the institution. But here's the problem - at night, a mechanical beast wakes up a desire to kill everyone on its way ...

The main condition is a limited supply of five nights electricity, which is very small in the cafe. With the light on, the robotic monster can restrain the security doors. When electricity ends, you will have to start a desperate struggle for your life. Instead of waiting for the bloodthirsty doll to come for you, get out of your shelter and move around the building, always hiding in secluded places. Sitting in one place is not an option, since the ubiquitous bear will find you sooner or later, and then you will not be well. Constantly change your location, unnoticed darting past the nightmarish bear, waiting for the morning! With every new night, hiding from an enraged robot will be more difficult, so do not lose your vigilance!

Hide from the terrible animatron, hiding in the corners of the pizzeria! You are waiting for an inexpressible atmosphere of horror, which at first seems innocuous, in fact makes the blood in the veins of any player to become stiff!
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