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A balloon is an airplane in which gas is used to fly which is lighter than air. Consists of a gas-filled shell and a basket attached to it or a trailer cabin. Unlike airships balloons do not have engines for independent horizontal movement in the air. Depending on the filling distinguish hot air balloons charliere and Rosier.

The first balloon in 1783 was made by the brothers Montgolfier. The ball created by them was filled with hot air due to which it rose upwards. In addition in aeronautical practice the following gases are used: hydrogen water gas light gas ammonia and warm air.

Modern balloons used for demonstration and sports flights as well as the sphere of the Montgolfier brothers are mostly filled with heated air. With the help of a propane torch the heats up and since the rarefied hot air is lighter than the cold one takes off. In case of a too high altitude the pilot pulls the special cord connected to the valve in the balloon shell a part of the hot air goes out and the balloon drops.

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