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Speak to people that you meet in your vicinity. BALTRUM SCHNACK will provide you with the template to start a personal conversation with previously unknown people, who will tell by use of BALTRUM SCHNACK their willingness to talk. And without having to exchange any personal contact information you can stay in touch with these people even after ending a conversation. Later finish the contacts whenever you want.

BALTRUM SCHNACK is used wherever strange people meet on the island - in hotels, in cafes, on the beach, at events.

PRESENT YOURSELF TO PEOPLE in your immediate environment: Display when you are ready for a call and receive a photo or individual selected further information from people who want to be addressed.

Select who you want to talk with: for example get a contact only to persons who belong to a particular profession or group of persons.


Place a photo and press the steering wheel. Your photo will be sent to other people who are also using BALTRUM SCHNACK.

You can optionally enter additional information, e.g. first or last name, the place where you are (for example: the beach cafe), make offers, make inquiries or ask for assistance or just tell others in your vicinity an important event, e.g. your first Mont Everest ascent.

Use filters to receive only certain people, e.g. only people who currently need help or belong to a particular group of people.

We firmly believe that your personal data belongs to you only. By the local transmission of your profiles via Bluetooth or LOCAL-WLAN no data is stored or sent over the Internet. BALTRUM SCHNACK fulfills its purpose as soon as you have just set your photo. Thus, use of the basic functions of BALTRUM SCHNACK is possible without the Internet.

Due to the fact that only one photo is needed to run the app - enough to signal a willingness to communicate - your privacy is maximized. Various security devices also ensure that BALTRUM SCHNACK is safe in its application when you enter additional data and use additional features of the app.
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