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 Basic Marketing 1.0

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Basic lessons of Marketing is the main discussion topic of this app.
The lessons included in this app are:
1. Marketing
2. Definition of Marketing.
3. The Marketing Concept
4. History of Marketing
a. Marketing History: An Overview
b.Marketing in Antiquity
c. Marketing in the Middle Ages
d. Marketing in Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Europea
e. Marketing outside Europe
f. Marketing in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
5. Marketing Orientations
a. Product Orientation
b. Sales Orientation
c. Production Orientation
d. Marketing Orientation
e. Customer Orientation
f. Organizational Orientation
g. Mutually Beneficial Exchange
6. Functions of Marketing
7. Types of Marketing
8. Marketing Strategy
a. Marketing Management vs Marketing Strategy
b. Developing a Marketing Strategy
c. Diversity of Strategies
d. Growth Strategies
e. Strategic Models Strategic Models
f. Real-life Marketing
9. The Four Ps./The Marketing Mix
10. The Marketing Environment
a. The Macro-Environment
b. The Micro-Environment
11. Marketing Research
a. Role
b. Characteristics
c. Classification
d. Types
e. Methods
12. Market Segmentation
13. Marketing Communications
14. Marketing Planning
15. Product Life Cycle
16. Customer Focus
17. Product Focus
18. Advertising
a. History of Advertising
b. Classification
c. Purposes
d. Gender Effects in the Processing of Advertising
19. Brand Awareness
a. Importance of Brand Awareness
b. Types of Brand Awareness
c. Measuring Brand Awareness
d. Brand Awareness and the Hierarchy of Effects
e. Creating and Maintaining Brand Awareness
20. Multicultural Marketing
a. History of Multicultural Marketing
b. Multicultural Markets
c. Multicultural Marketing Strategy
d. The Reasons for Multicultural Advertising
e. Value of Multicultural Marketing
f. Skills required
g. Creating and Refreshing a M. M. Strategy
h. Pioneers
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