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 Battery Booster Charging 1.0

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Battery Booster Charging
Fast Charging Battery Application is the ultimate power management tool, which boosts your battery charging speed by 20-50% and retains battery life. Waiting for your phone to charge is a trend of the past. This new-age app activates when you plug in your charger and increases charging speed rate. Imagine slashing the amount of time you spend charging your battery by half.
A lot of complaints glued to apps like these have been going on for some time now and their implications — malfunctioning device, zapping the life once the charger is unplugged and the likes got our group pondering for years on how to turbo charge devices without the side effects attached leading to the new and improved Fast Charger Battery Application
Fast Charger Battery Application saves battery by killing running background or unnecessary processes. For apps that you prefer to keep running, Fast Charger Battery Application also leaves room for that making it very flexible.
It helps you get battery saving results and performs its task as a battery booster and allows Fast Charger Battery. And together with its RAM optimizer(task manager), it performs its designated assignment and increases the performance of each of your device.
Battery Booster Mode

How does the Fast Battery Charger Application work?

When your devices is connected to your preferred power source.
Fast Charging detects and restricts the power consumption of your phone/tablet (and various device).
Your battery reduces the intensity of power during the charging time, therefore making it charge quickly; acting as a battery booster and permitting you to perform other tasks. According to our tests, this will reduce your charging time by half the original time / length (varying with each device).

*Feature details*
- Comfortable, interactive and Easy to navigate
- Extremely interactive functions, paint by numbers, and easy to understand display set-ups and configuration. Fast Charger Battery Application is also extremely engaging and fun to navigate when considering conserving the power life and increasing the performance of your preferred device.
- Amazingly friendly UI
- No need to bother my teenage son for directions of use for save my battery because you can understand it discretely due to Fast Charging Battery Application's oversimplified and engaging interface.
- The Task Killer to save more power/battery
- Battery Booster mode offers different modes to help you save more power. These modes watch the performance of your device and saves your battery, even at instances allows Fast Charger Battery. Consequently, your personalized modes are open to be added if you need advanced battery saving techniques or strategies.
- Battery usage track & monitor Fast Charging provides actual battery information, including battery level, battery temperature, and remaining battery usage time remaining.
- Automatically activates the Fast Charging Mode
- It keeps your device temperature balanced throughout the entire session and prevents over heating, expansion and contraction of the battery that could render it useless.
- Automatically turns off Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth and the Hotspot

This acts as a Battery Booster — to keep an eye on each and all running processes, and shows you the battery consumption ratio of each process. With information of this sort and the event of your power draining too fast, it becomes a no-brainer to spot battery-draining processes, stop and uninstall them in that order to boost battery life and leave them if you so choose.

* Battery saving mode to automatically manage battery-attached set-ups /settings.
* Records battery usage to prolong battery running time turning the device (battery) to a Fast Charger Battery.
* Manages running processes to increase life span of the battery.
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